How to Find a Cheaper Ink Cartridge

By George Williamson

October 2, 2021



The original cartridges known as OEM products are outrageously pricey. You may find a printer for $100, but the replacement for the cartridge may cost just as much. Fortunately, there are different alternatives — find out in our guide.

In Canada, consumers may have their original cartridges refilled, but there is a safer and more convenient option. A replacement for printer ink Canada from stores like Smart Ink can allow you to save up to 25% or more, depending on the model.

Compatible cartridges offer great value for money, but it is important to make sure they come from a trusted brand.

Quality at a fair price from a trusted supplier.

So, why are the original products so outrageously overpriced? Big brands like HP have long been accused of capitalizing on the so-called “razor and blades” model. It involves selling cheap products, often below their break-even point, and recouping the investment through consumable supplies. This seems to be the case with printer ink, as an original cartridge may cost over $70.

Why Replace, Not Refill?
One of the ways to save on replacement is to take your old cartridge to a provider that will pour in new ink. The service includes emptying, cleaning and filling, while some suppliers will also fix minor cartridge defects for free. The quality depends on the ink and the employee, as they must inject the right volume and be extremely careful to keep the sensitive elements intact. Finally, the customer needs to visit the company and pick up their product.

In recent years, producers of so-called compatible cartridges have been thriving. The demand is fuelled by dissatisfaction with overpriced OEM products, but this is not the only selling point. Aside from making substantial savings, you may get a product of the same quality with an extensive warranty, free shipping and other advantages.

What Are Compatible Cartridges?
Printer brands warn customers about the potential risks as they are generally adverse to any third-party replacements. Big companies have tried to outlaw compatible cartridges in the past, but they have lost those legal battles. While these products are perfectly compatible with the equipment, there are still important distinctions in design. This allows third-party manufacturers to operate within the law, without violating patent protection.

How to Choose
Avoid fly-by-night companies by choosing a store with a positive reputation. Pay attention to certifications: the cartridges must comply with international standards of quality, such as ISO. Products from top providers are sustainable and also come with:

● the latest version of the chip,
● XL volume,
● free shipping,
● 2-year warranty,
● ink level tracking (for some models).

Ink cartridges are expensive – the big name brands earn their money from the ink – cartridges are the profit centre

To Conclude
If you want a cheaper replacement for your ink cartridge, compatible products are your best bet. They are designed from scratch, so both the ink and the cartridge come from the same company. Choose products with the certified quality and warranty that covers any defects and transportation damage.

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