How to handle that Red Nose – Region issues a cold weather alert.

By Staff

Burlington, ON  December 31, 2013.

Not sure how these two managed to get together – but if ever there was a natural relationship – this had to be it.

The Region issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert starting Wednesday, January 1 and is expected to last for two days. The alert gets issued when temperatures are expected to fall below -15 degrees Celsius – without wind-chill.

Give them a call – they ca keep you out of a lot of trouble and ensure the safety of others on the road.

One day in September 1984, as Jean Marie DeKonick was driving and listening to a radio show about the serious problems caused by impaired driving he  came up with an idea: he’d get his swimming team to offer motorists who had a few drinks to drive them home in their own vehicle.

Today, more than 100 organizations across Canada benefit from the proceeds of the Operation Red Nose campaign. Each year, between $1,200,000 and $1,300,000 are redistributed to non-profit youth organizations and/or amateur sports organizations.

From the very beginning, Operation Red Nose adopted a philosophy that enabled it to gain the trust and respect of the population. The organization does not encourage nor condone those who choose to have a drink. Instead, the message « DON’T DRIVE IF YOU ARE IMPAIRED» is conveyed in a humorous and non-judgemental way. Operation Red Nose’s preventive approach is a wonderful complement to the more repressive measures of the law.

Great idea – if your red nose is the result of the colder weather, bundle up and walk a little faster.  If the red nose is the result of more alcohol than the police want you to consume – check into the Red Nose Operation.

They are operational from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am.  905-634-6665

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1 comment to How to handle that Red Nose – Region issues a cold weather alert.

  • Bob

    Last year, my wife, daughter, and I volunteered for Red Nose. I can not begin to explain the feelings we all had at the end of the shift. Getting people home safe and sound,with their vehicles was part of it. The fact we were a family doing this was a heart felt feeling of doing something that mattered and was important. I encourage people to give up a night or two and add to the success of this worthwhile project. You too will come home with a very warm feeling….