Hustle, hustle, hustle – he’s as good as a circus barker – Burchill at his best – every first Wednesday of the month.


James Burchill convinces the community to donate door prizes and seldom has less than 300 people showing up for an event. His mailing list has surpassed the 1500 mark. He might begin to sell insurance to a list like that.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  March 7, 2013   He has out done himself with this one.  James Burchill the tireless Chief Cheese of Business in Burlington who has the worst collection of puns you will ever come across has pulled of a major score.  He convinced the management at the Performing Arts centre to let him use the Family room, the Community room and now the mezzanine level into a trade bazaar.

He’s going to have three cash bars operating and expects more than 500 people to cruise through the event that will have some 20 vendors in what he calls zones.

Burchill will fill any email box he can find with a breathless announcement of what he gotten done “on your behalf” or as he put it in his most recent missive: “In 2 weeks it’s March 21st – the first day of Spring and at 5pm over 540 people will be arriving to enjoy some Social Fusion Networking and a Trade Show at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.”

Admission, Burchill tells everyone, is FR’EE. There are more than 20 vendor displays to explore throughout 4 zones (the Foyer, (It’s called the Family Room, James)  the Studio, The Mezzanine and now … the Upper Mezzanine as well.)

There are 3 cash bars. FREE canapé’s and other treats. Hundreds of dollars in door prizes and the event runs for an extra half-hour now.

If you’re not on the guest list and you’d like to be, simply RSVP here:

Consistent crowds means he’s serving a need. James Burchill draws them out to his MeetUp every Wednesday in Burlington. He also has groups on Oakville and Niagara Falls.

Burchill has used social media exclusively to build the organization, that’s all he has going for him,  and he is something of an expert in the field.  He has built the networking organization from just under 100 in a short 18 months to a group that is now very close to the 1500 mark.  It is made up mostly of smaller independent types – the services offered range from hypnotism to computer repair.

There are no membership fees, just show up.  Burchill once asked people to show up in shorts – few took him up on that one.  It’s networking at its best and is done with quite a bit more hustle than you see at say the Chamber of Commerce events.

Burchill has an agenda – he is a true believer, more like an evangelist actually, in what he is doing.  Can it last?  Few thought it would get this far.

The crowd and it is a crowd, meets at the Beaver and Bullfrog at the Waterfront hotel in the winters months and has moved the event to the Ivy on the South Service Road for the warmer months where the parking is not a problem.

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1 comment to Hustle, hustle, hustle – he’s as good as a circus barker – Burchill at his best – every first Wednesday of the month.

  • Loved the article, thanks for the coverage – totally unexpected. Made me smile. You’re right of course … most didn’t think my model would last this long. I however, knew something “they” did not. People wanted something new, something different and something that didn’t get them spanked for being later, for not having leads and for not being the only one. Small groups are not networks – they’re master mind clubs. Check out Metcalfe’s Law … you’ll see that more nodes is more valuable than less nodes. By the way, we’re over 2000 members now – 970+ on meetup, over 1600 on LinkedIn and over 5000 on Twitter. See you March 21st?

    Editors note: You will see me on the 21st – the Performing Arts centre has the best long bar in town.