Identity theft during this pandemic has increased - read what you get carefully - if in doubt - don't.

IDTHEFT 100X100By Staff

June 17th, 2020



As identity theft scams go – this one is good.

Well written, sounds right – but it isn’t.

It was sent to us at the Gazette – we don’t bank with the Royal.

Here’s their pitch:

RBC continues to develop industry-leading digital capabilities for its clients. As we make our clients’ everyday banking experience easier, we continue to be guided by the imperatives of trust and security. Verifying and protecting our clients’ identities is among the most important things we do.The world-class technology underpinning these features will better protect clients.

A single digital platform gives us immense flexibility to reuse core capabilities that extend across the bank and design solutions with our clients and advisors in mind from the start. This means clients will enjoy a more consistent experience with RBC across our delivery channels.

For more details about this new technology and to keep your account at RBC up to date as required by law in your jurisdiction please find the document attached for a complete guide.

For your security the document as been password protected, please find the password below.

Document PassKey: NISTRBC3073

Bank Safely and Securely with RBC

Look at the url – RBC Online Registrations <>  The letter d is what gives thiis one away.

Remember – if in doubt – don’t

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