If you see thick black smoke on Friday - coming from the area where the Fire department is on Fairview - please don't call 911.

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May 1st, 2019



The whole country is taking part in Emergency Preparedness Week, this happens during the first full week of May each year. The provincial theme this year is “Be Emergency Ready”. EPW promotes emergency preparedness and encourages Canadians to take action.

Burlington Fire is hosting events and activities about disasters Burlington residents may encounter and encourage everyone to take steps to be prepared.

One of the potential hazards in Burlington includes rail and motor vehicle emergencies. Two heavily used rail lines run through the city and a number of heavily travelled highways intersect in the city.

oil rail car on fire

Thousands of rail cars with flammable material pass through Burlington daily. Should one catch fire – training is needed to contain and then suppress the blaze.

The Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TransCAER) is coming to Burlington for a Flammable Liquids Fire Suppression Training training event exclusively for Halton Region Emergency Responders. Burlington Fire Department will host a the TransCAER First Responder Awareness Workshop on Friday, May 3, 2019 at Fire Headquarters.

This Flammable Liquids Fire Suppression Training at approximately 2 p.m. will produce black smoke that will be visible from the highway. They ask that you please do NOT call 911.

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