In Praise of Council Members:

News 100 blueBy Jim Young

November 30th, 2016



It is always easy to lift the pen or get on the keyboard to complain about and criticize council members. I’m often thoughtful of how thick their skins must become or how difficult it must be not to internalize or personalize the criticism. So it is with some pleasure that I write to congratulate them for a thoughtful and well considered reversal on Monday night.

City Staff and a Council Subcommittee had voted 3 to 3 (with one member absent) to change a bylaw and limit delegations to council to 5 minutes from the existing 10.

On Monday council members, listened, questioned and debated several citizen delegations who came to ask that council reverse that part of the bylaw change.

At the end of the debate, Councilors Sharman and Taylor courageously and very graciously reversed their positions on the issue and Councilor Lancaster (who had missed the original vote but sat on the recommending subcommittee) sided with the delegates to support an amendment by councilors Meed-Ward and Dennison to revert to the 10 minute allotment. Mayor Goldring had always supported maintaining the 10 minute allotment.
The amendment carried 6 votes to 1 proving two things:

Contrary to popular opinion, some councilors do listen and act accordingly.

Burlington City Council GroupThe delegation system proved its worth and earned the support of the majority of council by virtue of the respectful and informed delegates who argued the case intelligently and succinctly.

A victory for common sense, civic engagement and a democratic principle; Well done City Council and thank you to the delegates who gave their time and voice in support of Burlington citizens.


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1 comment to In Praise of Council Members:

  • Glenda D

    Thanks for writing an appreciation post….well done…credit should be given where credit is due….fact only one councillor was not in favour is not surprising, considering who that councillor was.