Interesting Facts About the Canadian Online Gambling Industry

sportsred 100x100By Clair Ward

October 15th, 2020



The online gambling ecosystem in Canada is seen by many as the future of the broader sports betting and casino industry. This is in partly because regulators are softening their outlook on both land-based and online gambling alike, allowing more locals to get into this pastime without having to jump through hoops.

To reveal the true scope and significance of this sector, here is a look at some of the most surprising facts about it.

Overseas operators take the lion’s share of the market
The legislation surrounding online casinos in Canada is still somewhat complex, so while domestic players are able to legally enjoy access to any number of web-based gambling services, it is not currently possible for operators to set up shop on Canadian soil.

Because of this, the vast majority of cash generated by this industry goes to gambling sites that are based in other parts of the world where regulations are less restrictive.

In 2019 alone almost $400 million was generated by these offshore sites, and further growth is anticipated for 2020. An online casino in Canada can still be reputable and fully featured; it is simply difficult to support any local businesses when playing online.

The other issue with this is that the government does not generate any tax income from the industry, which would all change if it decided to embrace it outright and start issuing licenses for casino sites to operate domestically. Some provinces are taking the lead in pushing through changes that would free up the industry from state monopolies and restrictions, but it will still be a while before any shifts take effect.

PAID male gamblersYoung men are the most eager online gamblers
Research into the demographics which make up online gambling in Canada conducted by CasinoValley show that four out of five gamblers are male, with the under-35s being the most prolific players.

In particular it is those who are still in full time education, or only recently graduated, who are most likely to participate in this type of activity.

That is not to say that female players do not have their own trends and preferences; in fact more women make use of smartphone-powered gambling services than men, which is a globally unique statistic for this industry.

Slots lead the way in terms of raw popularity
There are all sorts of online casino services available, with everything from traditional table games like roulette to every conceivable variety of poker and beyond on offer. However, slots games are by far the biggest draw for web-based gambling sites, with almost three quarters of players pumping cash into virtualized versions of classic fruit machines.

PAID online bingoOnce again there are gender differences in game preference, with bingo proving to be more of a hit with women than men. Like slots, this is one of the more accessible types of gambling, with a gentle learning curve that means newcomers can pick it up quickly.

That is not to say more skill-based, intricate games like poker are not able to bring in the punters. Indeed 59 per cent of online gambling site users from Canada have played a few hands of mainstream examples like Texas Hold ‘Em.

Jackpots can be huge
Life-changing amounts of money have been won by Canadian online casino players, with the most recent big win of $20 million coming on the MegaMoolah progressive slot back in 2019. This follows on from a similarly sizable win achieved on the same slot in Canada less than 12 months earlier.

So there you have it; the online gambling industry in Canada is going strong, and is only in need of a little more direct support and acceptance from political leaders to become even more of an asset, contributing to economic independence.

Clair Ward is a consultant in outreach marketing with a focus on the online gambling industry.  She has watched this form of gambling since its inception and understands and comments frequently on the differences between the various markets.

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