Is a decision on the city's court case asking a judge to compel the Air Park to file a site plan and remove the illegal land fill due soon?

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April 4, 2016


April may turn out to be a very good month for the city of Burlington.

Airpark aerial used by the city

Will a Judge order the Air Park corporation to remove the tonnes of illegal land fill from the land and file a site plan with the city – before the end of the month?

We are advised that the Justices that hear court cases are close to releasing a decision on the application the city made for a Judge to compel the Burlington Air Park to comply with the city bylaw requiring the submission of a site plan for the air park property and also remove the tonnes of illegal land fill on the 200 acre piece of property.

The court case was held last November, in one of the smallest t court rooms in the Milton court house where some 20 people crammed into space that might have held 10 comfortably.

The Gazette is advised that a member of the city’s legal staff advised council that a Judge at the Court House advised the city that Justice Gibson anticipates he will be in a position to release his decision by April 30th.

This will be a ground breaking decision which, given the way the Air Park corporation has handled precious decision that went against them in the past, will file an appeal.

Because of the significance of this case to the municipal community across Canada – this case could make it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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