Is Caroline east of Brant going to see a proposed 8 storey medical services building transform into an 18 storey tower ?

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April 27th, 2019



I want to try and connect some of the dots.

While walking out of city hall recently (yes, I was in the building) a planning consultant, who once worked for a municipality sidled up to me and asked how things were going.

Medica One or the Carriage Gate project - pick the name you like best - will go up at the top of John Street and consist of a medical offices building, an above ground garage and an apartment/condo complex. It will bring significant change to the intersection and drive redevelopment of the plaza to the immediate north, A transit hub a couple of blocks to the south then makes a lot of sense.

The view from the corner of Elizabeth and Caroline with what was originally going to be an eight storey medical services building, then to the south an above ground parking garage and then the 17 storey that already has residents.

We chatted for a few moments during which time the independent planner said “I was able to get them 17 storeys on John Street.”

The developer was named – I left the conversation wondering what piece of property on John Street could the planner have been talking about?

That piece of information stayed lodged in my mind. I couldn’t figure out which piece of land was going to have a 17 storey building on it.

A few days later, during a conversation about a development that had three parts to it, the person I was talking to said that the two parts of the site that were yet to be developed had been sold.

That is when the penny dropped.

Carriage Gate - three buidings

Have the development interests in the above ground parking (green roof) and the ‘future office building been sold?

Was the 17 storeys that the planner “got” related to the development that has the Berkeley condominium that is now completed?

The original plan for that site was to have the 17 storey condominium, 8 levels of above ground parking and an 8 storey medical services building at the north end fronting on Caroline.

When the project was approved the city had concerns that the developer would not complete the development and included a provision that set out a fine of $300,000 if all three parts were not built.

Are those 17 storeys the independent planner “got” for the the developer going to sit on Caroline between John and Elizabeth?

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2 comments to Is Caroline east of Brant going to see a proposed 8 storey medical services building transform into an 18 storey tower ?

  • Don Fletcher

    This a just another “sharks versus guppies” tale in the ongoing saga between developers and our City’s planners. Did anyone realistically think that a slap-on-the-wrist $300k fine would impact the decision-making of Carriage Gate?

  • Keith

    if 25% of the units are three bedroom and at least 15% off all units are geared to income rentals then it has my full support. Not sure I should hold my breath though.