Is that all there is? Much ado about nothing says the spouse.

By Walter Byj, Correspondent

BURLINGTON, ON.  June 11, 2102.  I was asked by the publisher to give my first impression of the pier at night.  I had been down to the pier with my wife after learning that the pier lights were now functioning,

So we ventured down to the lake Sunday night to experience the pier at night.  I mentally set no expectations as to what to expect.  I wanted to be impartial so that I could judge the pier at night in an open and honest manner.

However, emotionally, I wanted to be impressed and to have somewhat of a WoW  factor when viewing the pier. I knew that there would not be neon lights flashing, this would be way over the top, but hopefully there would be a feeling that the lighting system would mesh well with the pier.  In sports parlance, I wanted not just a home run, but a grand slam. I guess I set my goal too high.

I was not ecstatic with what I saw, nor was I disappointed. I felt more like the title of an old Peggy Lee song, “Is That All There Is”, a kind of hollow and empty feeling.  

Perhaps being disappointed because I expected much more, I turned to my wife to get what  is always her honest and truthful opinion. Her response, “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Sometimes a sober second viewing is needed. Perhaps there will be more appreciation of the pier once it has been walked on and then viewed upon leaving.

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3 comments to Is that all there is? Much ado about nothing says the spouse.

  • Anthiny

    Honestly? Who wrote that? Terrible…get to the point, stop trying to be like a journalist and overthink. Pier is great. Who asked you to give your negative opinion.
    Edited for grammer

  • Bob Roper

    Perhaps another song title is in order…”I Second That Emotion”.