Is the Burlington News Facebook page a front for a particular political interest in the east end of the city.

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September 9, 2018



How, asked an east Burlingtonian, do we expose the fake news and misinformation that is coming out of the “Burlington News” Facebook page?

Burlington News began to appear about six months ago.  All they have is a Facebook page that they make comments on and then allow others to make comments on the comments.

The Burlington News Facebook page carries a lot material that comes from Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman and is said to be used by Councillor Lancaster to support some of the positions she takes.

The Burlington News also uses original photographs taken by Gazette photographers. When we can find out who they are and where they are, we have a nice plump invoice we want to send along to them. No one seems to know who they are.

The Gazette has an IP address for them and when there is time we will trace that and find out just who these scallywags are. Transparent they are not.

Our reader maintains that the Burlington News “focuses only on what they dislike about ECoB (Engaged Citizens of Burlington) and attempts to defame ECoB by spreading misinformation.

“It is Trumpian fake news at its most obvious.

Councillor Lancaster listens carefully and tends to be cautious; still in a 'learning mode'.

Councillor Blair Lancaster.

“Blair Lancaster has also been using it as a means to post her public position, which again is anti ECoB. “

Lancaster took the ridiculous position of finding Mark Carr, the moderator for the ECoB debates as being biased because he interviewed some of the former ECoB Board members on the Cogeco program he hosts and was aided by Angelo Bentivegna, who ran against Blair in the 2014 election.

Bentivegna did come second in the 2014 election for the ward 6 seat; she may be feeling the wind blowing around her ankles.

How, asked an east Burlingtonian, do we expose this fake news and misinformation that is coming out of the “Burlington News” Facebook page?

Cropped sharman FB material

Councillor Sharman wants to know who are the people who run ECoB. He doesn’t ask who runs Burlington News – and why is that?

Cropped part 1






It would appear that Lancaster doesn’t want anyone who is seeking her seat on Council to get any kind of air time or other forms of media coverage while she has gotten reams of coverage in other media paid for by the city.

Angelo B - squint - red post H&S

Angelo Bentivegna – a candidate for the ward 6 city council seat.

Lancaster think Bentivegna being part of the hosting team makes Mark Carr unacceptable as a moderator and demanded that ECoB find someone else as moderator.

Politics does strange things to people – or put a different way – people who might be about to lose their status as elected officials say and do strange things when that status is threatened.


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5 comments to Is the Burlington News Facebook page a front for a particular political interest in the east end of the city.

  • Sherry B

    I find the Burlington News Facebook Page to be a scam. I posted many times asking who was the owner of this page. The results lead to all my posts being removed and I can no longer comment on the page. Clearly I have hit a never with the Admin of this page.

    I believe the news to be about truth and in saying that I believe that the author should be transparent and disclose who they are vs being a coward and hiding behind a page in order to have a voice.

    A voice with no name or face is a the voice of a coward in my opinion.

    Also if you want to be known as “NEWS” then you should not censor other peoples opinions, views or comments.

  • Steve D

    I can’t find any Burlington News Facebook page. I do see a Burlington News Twitter account, but I don’t know if they’re connected.

  • Lynn Crosby

    It indeed appears to be a farce of a site, how they can call themselves “News” I have no idea. What is telling of course is when you look at the cast of characters that post there and “like” the ridiculous comments. Agree wholeheartedly with Stu, the fact that Sharman and Lancaster actually use this as if it were legitimate is most telling of all. In fact, I often wonder how they would have even discovered it … makes you go hmmmmmmm.

  • Stu Parr

    Burlington News Facebook Was always somewhat sketchy from its first appearance. The fact that both Sharman and Lancaster make use of it, does nothing to increase its credibility.

  • Joan Gallagher-Bell

    Residents of Burlington should be advised that the words of Mr. Sharman and Ms. Lancaster should be considered part of the Present Council’s attitude over the last 4 years. Fake news. The present members of ECoB and the original members are a breath of fresh air and lacking only in the actions of present council. In my 50 plus years in Burlington this is the worst. Under handed and poor manners are reflected. As part of the incoming Council (hopefully team) I would suggest a recorded vote be instituted, a Conflict of Interest (after review of present document) and firstly a signing of the Manners, Attitudes and Behavior (instead of only signing doc at the end of nearly the end of term).