Is the Village Square going to go Modr’n? Respected developer trying to bring their talent to the city core.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  March 15, 2013  Are the people doing this:



A view of the Adi development on Guelph Line just south of Upper Middle Road is a project with a very contemporary look.

Thinking seriously about doing something with this?


What would an organization like Adi Developments do with Village Square?  They appear to be working towards an opportunity to purchase the site and re-develop.


It is clear now that there are talks taking place about what might be done with the Village Square.  Jack Friedman’s daughters do not want o continue managing the property and truth be told the Village isn’t working anymore as a destination.  It no longer draws the traffic it once did – the set up is dated and a little on the tired side.

Great presentation – a really inviting look but this commercial enterprise didn’t last long at the Village Square.

Many people tried the location – it just didn’t work.  Time for new eyes and a new kind of energy and while we cannot confirm that Adi developments are the people kicking the tires they are certainly displaying the gumption and energy that results in modern, upscale projects – and they don’t appear to be greedy.

When Adi Developments took their project to city hall they eased on on the density they were entitled too and instead came up with smaller units in a very compact setting.  The plans look good – the proof of course is in the pudding which will become evident once the place is built and the moving trucks are moving residents in.

Burlington has been looking at the downtown core for some time and trying to find a way to bring some life to that part of the city; to get traffic on to Brant Street and the street to the east and west of the main artery – nothing seems to have worked.  Will a major redevelopment of Village Square make the difference?

At some point in the near future all this secrecy from the former Miss Transparency, who hold the ward 2 seat at city council will, perhaps, revert to the candidate she said she was when she ran for election, and tell people who is doing what.


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