Is there a reason for a 'useful app' being taken out of public use?

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August 26th, 2019



A Gazette reader writes to tell us that “If you take Burlington Transit one of the most useful apps, was being able to see where your bus was while you wait with the NEXT BUS option. You could see where your bus was via GPS.

Burlington Transit has discontinued this service due to “technical issues”. The reader thinks this is BS.

One of the new buses added o the Burlington Transit fleet. There were busses that had more than 15 years on their tires - those old ones certainly rattled down Guelph Line when I was on one of them.

Gazette reader wants to know why existing technology is no longer available to riders.

“I am sure the bus location is still known as this is what the transit executive is looking at … they have just dropped this service because they don’t want to support it anymore.

“If this is a service improvement it is just double speak in absolute Brave New World terms.”

Before we reach out to the transit people:  Do you use the transit app?

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5 comments to Is there a reason for a ‘useful app’ being taken out of public use?

  • George G

    Google Maps is useless, never accurate. For transit, the best to use is, Transee.com

  • Roger

    Burlington Transit continues to under deliver and perform poorly – its not about money – its about leadership – or non existing leadership

  • Steve W

    Google Maps is an alternative as it tells you if the bus is on time, but it doesn’t actually show you where the bus is, unless I’m not seeing something.

  • chris

    Interesting Cathy.

    I just tried Ggogle maps from Waterdown Rd & LaSalle to First Ontario Place – routes 1 & 1X.

    Google said there is no public transit route available.

    Who is it that you work for again?

  • Cathy Lanc

    Google maps works the best and still lets you know where the buses are. I use this app all the time- no needful any other.