Is there another candidate for the Office of Mayor in the wind? Could be

By Pepper Parr

July 14th, 2022



It is rare, exceedingly rare for a person with little political experience to run for the office of Mayor and win – but it does and has happened.

Will this piece of Burlington bling be placed on a different neck before the end of the year ?

Burlington’s race for the office of Mayor is seen by many as a walk in the park for Marianne Meed Ward.

That could change – there is a potential candidate that could be preparing for a run.

If it takes place it will be well funded – and it will not be a pro-developer candidate.

This individual is young, successful in the commercial world and very well connected in the administrative world.

The Gazette has spoken to a number of people, some of them called us, asking what we knew.

There are some very prominent people who want nothing but the best for the city who have come to the conclusion that Meed Ward is not up to the job that has to be done.

This is not the place to set out where Meed Ward has fallen short – this is the time to look around and ask – can we do better than this. ?

We can

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4 comments to Is there another candidate for the Office of Mayor in the wind? Could be

  • Bonnie

    Doug Ford went from being a Toronto city councillor for four years, when his brother was the Mayor, to being the premier of Ontario. I read this week, he is now considered the strongest Conservative politician in Canada.
    It appears that anything is possible in politics these days.

  • Penny Hersh


    What the residents of Burlington have seen in the behaviour of some members of council leaves a lot to be desired.

    All members of the current Council, including the mayor started out in the corporate world. We definitely need a fresh look, perhaps with more of a corporate model.

  • For once we agree with you Carol – not often we are on the same page when it comes to politics

  • Carol Victor

    Successful in a corporation does not often translate to better in public life..
    .it is a totally different kettle of fish.