It is now a snow day.

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February 12th, 2021



The City of Burlington has declared a Snow Event. To allow snow removal equipment room to clear roads safely and quickly, all on-street parking has been suspended until 24-hours after the event has been declared over.

During a snow event when accumulation is more than 5 cm, road clearing updates can be found by visiting Snow Control Update subscribers will receive emails at 9 a.m., 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. about the status of snow removal.

H skinner - a dusting of snow

This is what a snow day looks like.

Snow Clearing Service Levels
• Primary and Secondary roads begin to be cleared when snow reaches 5 cm of accumulation.
• Residential roads begin to be cleared when snow reaches 7.5 cm of accumulation. Residential roads are not maintained to bare pavement. They are plowed only after a snow accumulation of 7.5 cm has fallen in a single event. Sand is applied to enhance traction, as required.
• All sidewalks are plowed and salted and sanded, if icy within 48 hours of snow fall.
• All roads will be cleared 24-hours after the snowfall has ended.
• For all roads, sidewalks and select pathways, clearing may take longer if more than 12 cm has fallen.

Please be patient as our crews work to clear the busiest streets first.

• The City is not responsible for clearing windrows left on driveways when the plow passes. If you think you will need help clearing the windrow, please make arrangements such as speaking with your neighbours, family members or hire a contractor.

Parking During the Winter
When a snow event is declared, there is no parking on any city streets until 24-hours after the snow event has been declared over. The City thanks residents for their cooperation to move their vehicles off city streets to help with snow clearing operations. Residents who park their cars on streets blocking snow removal could be faced with a $120 parking ticket or be towed.
All existing parking exemptions are also cancelled during snow events.


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