It is very very dry - it would take just the smallest spark to set a house ablaze - no the time for fire crackers.

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June 29th, 2016


Canada Day – and no fireworks to thrill and entertain my little kids? Get real.

Fire Chief Tony Bavota is getting very real – and very serious.

Remember those fires that devastated large parts of Fort McMurray – the available evidence suggests they were the result of carelessness

Fort mcmurray - fire - roadway

Evidence to date suggests the fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta may have been the result of carelessness.

Have you taken a look at the colour of most of the lawns around the city – some pretty brown looking grass.

There hasn’t been enough rain.

All the farmer’s think they are going to be lucky to get two cuts from their hay fields – three cuts are out of the questions. Soybeans are looking a little limp and who know what’s going to happen to the corn silage?

Forest fires are very dangerous – very tough to control – so if the fire chief says don’t light fire crackers given the weather we are having – he needs to be listened to.

A city council that truly leads would pass a bylaw now that gives the authority to ban fire crackers to the fire chief – and make it a stiff, stiff, STIFF fine for those who fail to adhere to the bylaw.

Don’t let your Canada Day Fireworks go up in smoke” says the Chief.

The Fire Department is reminding residents to keep safety top of mind when planning annual Canada Day celebrations, especially those with fireworks.

“With the lack of rain and dry weather lately, we’re discouraging fireworks on Canada Day,” said chief fire prevention officer Joe Wintar. “The city is hosting a full day of activities in Spencer Smith Park, including fireworks. I encourage everyone to think about enjoying this show put on by pyrotechnic professionals.”

To keep your family and property safe, follow these guidelines when setting off fireworks:

• It must be three days before or during Canada Day, on July 1.
• You are at least 18 years old. Keep fireworks and sparklers away from children so they don’t get burned or have their clothing catch fire.

• You are being safe. Read and follow the directions on label carefully.
• You are on private property.
• Keep pail of water or water hose close by for extinguishment.
• Set off fireworks outside in a clear, open area away from doors, windows, buildings, cars, trees and dry grass.
• Light one firework at a time.
• Never re-light a “dud” firework. Wait 15-30 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
• Never light a firework in your hand.
• Keep onlookers at a safe distance and upwind from the area where fireworks are discharged.
• If someone gets burned, run cool water over the wound for 5-10 minutes and seek medical attention.

fort mcmurray fire - house

It takes but a stray spark to start this kind of fire.

As with any emergency, if there is a fire and public safety concern related to fireworks, please call 9-1-1. For more firework safety information, visit

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3 comments to It is very very dry – it would take just the smallest spark to set a house ablaze – no the time for fire crackers.

  • Luke

    Really, isn’t this even a little bit exaggerated? One spark?, Yes if we built our homes out of rice paper.

    I was in Edmonton for the the last year where the farmers had not had rain in nearly four months through the summer and do you know what they can do in downtown Edmonton any day of the year, and many do, often? Have backyard bonfires.
    They simply are not morons about it by putting their chimnea or fire pit on wooden decks. Funny eh?
    Contrary to all the learned opinionated hand wringing nanny-ism back east the City of Edmonton still stands, un-burnt and thriving.

  • Lonely Taxpayer

    I thought firecrackers (cherry bombs & bottle rockets) have been illegal in Canada for years.

    Explosives should only be in the hands of experts.

    To discourage the use of fireworks, add 100% tax on them to make them very expensive for consumers.

  • Centerline

    The Fire Chief can make such such a ban now, No by-law is necessary.