It's a mess - who is responsible and what can be done?

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

September 11th, 2020



There are a couple of commercial operations in the Burlington Heights Plaza, it’s at the intersection of Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road.

They deal in used clothing and toys – mostly for children.

People show up with items they want to sell – sometime the commercial establishments buy what is offered – on occasion they will explain there is no market for what is being offered.

The seller will leave, disappointed – but such is life.

Unfortunately – a problem crops up with what is done with the items that were not sold.

Burlington Heights - Dumping at Charity bins - 9-9-2020

Unsightly for sure. Why are all the bags of clothing left on the ground. Are the bins full. The merchants at Burlington Heights might want to collaborate and get this mess cleaned up.

A Gazette reader and his wife sent us a note saying: “…the very lazy habit of dumping trash beside charity bin has finally got my goat…”

Not only is the dumping illegal but really disgusting from a visible view point. What I feel is happening at these particular bins is a result of folks bringing all sorts of stuff to two stores in the Food Basics plaza on Guelph line.

When the store(s) do not wish to buy their stuff…bingo, they dump this junk at the bins….how convenient for them…out of sight …out of mind.

If they acted just a little bit more responsibly, they could off load much of their stuff at Value Village or the Salvation Army where much of it could possibly be recycled…or at least disposed of responsibly.

We don’t know who is dumping the clothing – but we do know the commercial operators – might they ask people who they do not buy from to take what they wanted to sell to Value Village or the Salvation Army and not dump it in the bins on the site?

A final thought – were the bins just full and there was no place to leave the donation someone wanted to make other than on the ground ?

Did our reader call the company that put the bins in place?

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