It’s getting nasty out there; threats to lay charges of trespass are being made.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON. June 12, 2103. So here’s the picture.

There is a lady who lives on Appleby Line.  She has a small piece of property with a century old house and a spring fed pond.  She used to be able to sit in her kitchen, look out the window and see as far north as Rattle Snake Point.

She can’t see that part of the country side anymore because of a wall of dirt that is more than 30 feet high and less than 50 yards from her house.

This lady is not happy but she is doing all she can, working within the rules to bring about a change.

Yesterday she happened to be on the very edge of her property where it abuts to the property that is having all the landfill dumped and meets a man she assumes is the site supervisor for the company that is doing the landfill dumping for the property owner.

She engages the man in conversation and learns that he is a contractor who is going to install runway lights at some point. “I truly enjoyed learning about the runway lights” she says.

Shortly after the conversation with the contractor the lady with the house on Appleby Line gets the following email from Vince Rossi, owner of the Burlington Executive Air Park and the man who has been dumping landfill on his close to 200 acre property.

Hi Barbara  Re your questioning on the airport staff of today’s date.

Kindly refrain from entering our property as of Today, if You have any questions regarding the airport or any item related there to feel free top contact the Proper person to answer any questions. So this is Your notice not to enter airport property without My authorization, failing which You will be charged with trespassing.

Vince Rossi, Burlington Executive Airport.

The lady with the house on Appleby Line responds:

 I am not sure why this conversation offended, but being the good neighbor that I am, I will certainly respect your wishes.

To that point, you, your representatives and your contractors have entered my property without my authorization many times.  Now however, I ask for the same respect – and this is your notice.  If you, your representatives or contractors set foot on my property without my permission, in advance, You will be charged with trespassing.

To which Mr Rossie responded with:

Let the good lord direct every wish you have in life. Just stay away from ours,and above all stay off of our property. is that clear?

The word “property” is set as a link to a web site that has something to do with travel to Iceland – go figure.

The lady in the house on Appleby Line sleeps a little less soundly at night.

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