It’s going to be one of those crystal clear summer nights with the sweet sound of fine music – with the unfinished pier as a backdrop.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  June 14, 2012  The opening night will be great.  The weather is going to be close to perfect and the sound that will come from the Dofasco stage where Of Gentleman and Cowards will pluck their strings to get the four day event rolling.  Described as a band, made up of four friends from McMaster with an energetic sound that is melodic and youthful.  They took hone first place in the Ontario finals of the Campus Music Explosion. They take to the stage at 7:00 pm

The day before the Sound of Music kick off - possible to longe about the edge of the Lake.

At the other end of Spencer Smith Park, on the OLG stage,  the Glory Days will perform.  This six piece ensemble is a tribute to American music icon Bruce Springsteen, and is made up of  experienced concert  musicians able to recreate some of the classic songs and performances that are Springsteen trademarks.  Expect an unforgettable night of pure passion and energy from this bunch.

The action moves back and forth between each end of the park.

Born Ruffians at the Dofasco Stage at 8:15

Keeping the Faith on the OLG stage at 8:30

Back to the Dofasco Stage to catch the Arkells at 9:45

And end the evening taking in the Rear View Mirror at 10 pm on the OLG stage.

What a way to start the weekend – and this is only Thursday.

The Sound of Music Festival is a series of events that is anchored at Spencer Smith Park but also works its way up Brant Street and spreads out amongst the side streets as well.

Hundreds of volunteers make the Sound of Music Festival work - two of them mark the location for a vendor.

The park action is focused on three stages.  The OLG Stage (your lottery gambles working for you) at the west end;  the Dofasco Stage (known officially as the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Stage – remember the corporate tag line Our product is steel; our strength is our people – Arcelor laid many of them off) at the east end.  Then there is the Burlington Hyundai Stage south of the Waterfront Hotel and the Cogeco Stage set up outside City Hall.

The Classical Stage is set up behind the Arts Centre on the North side of Lakeshore across from Spencer’s Restaurant.

There are also four Pods; one on Ontario Street tucked in close to the War Memorial; the Elgin Street Pod opposite the Queen’s Head; the Pine Street Pod just a short block north of Lakeshore on Brant and the John Street Pod across from the front of the Waterfront Hotel.

For Thursday – it’s just the two stages at each end of the park strutting the talent from six groups.  Then it is a fast and furious Saturday and Sunday.

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