James Ridge no longer the city manager.

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December 5th, 2018



A media release from city hall announced that effective December 4th James Ridge is no longer the City Manager for the City of Burlington.

Recruitment for a new City Manager will proceed in the New Year. In the interim, an Acting City Manager will be named by Council.


James Ridge - looking right

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7 comments to James Ridge no longer the city manager.

  • Susie

    Not surprising to hear the news! Mary Lou Tanner made the rounds on Monday night, absent to my viewing, was the presence of Mr. Ridge. This could possibly be the “breaking news” that MMW was to present to us in her first day in the oval office.

  • Rob Allan

    He had to go. His army-style dictatorial approach won’t work with the new council. It was his way or no way.

  • Farley

    Good Ridge-ance! Looking forward to the City’s apology for Ridge’s shameful treatment and unexplained actions against you, Pepper… excellent move, MMW

    Editor’s note: Don’t hold your breath on any apology. The issue will get settled in a court room – eventually.

  • Andrew

    Any word on severence?

    Editor’s note: He was bought out.

  • Phillip Wooster

    Long overdue and not surprising. Ridge could not function in a new culture in which he took direction from the elected representatives. And his resignation/firing was necessary as part of the cultural change now occurring at City Hall.

  • D Walker

    Was this Meed Ward’s big news?

    I wonder whether she initiated it or he did. Did he depart the city by choice, knowing that he would run up against pressure from the new council and the very involved citizens?

    I guess we can only see what the new year brings at City Hall!

    PS I wonder if this bodes well for the Gazette regaining access to City Hall.

  • Penny

    A new culture at City Hall may now be possible. Mr. Ridge has been a major stumbling block in resident engagement.