Jane McKenna could be heading back to Queen's Park.

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June 3rd, 2018


The Gazette has been asked to publish the following statement:  This poll was produced by Mainstreet Research as part of it’s Daily Tracking of voter intentions.

A trusted source that should know tells us that in Burlington the poll numbers look like this:

“My information is that in Burlington Andrew Drummond is 7.4 % points behind Jane McKenna. (PC – 41.8, NDP 34.4, Lib 18.5, Green 2.9, other 2.4)”

With just three days left 7 + points is a big hurdle to get over.

The New Democrats have traditionally held between 14 to 19% of the vote. A rise to 34+% is an incredible number.

The bottom of the Liberal vote will have to fall out if the NDP is to take the seat or a lot of Progressive Conservatives will decide Doug Ford is more than they can stomach and hold their noses when the mark their ballots.

The opportunity to form a government might be too much for the PC adherents to take a pass on. Before this is over Cam Jackson will begin to look pretty good.

Eleanor McMahon could follow Kathleen Wynne’s example and admit that all is lost and throw her support behind Andrew Drummond.

It has been a crazy election. Just look at the polling results.

Poll tracker June 3-18

CBC Poll tracker is an aggregate of all publicly available polling data to follow the trends of the June 7th election.


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6 comments to Jane McKenna could be heading back to Queen’s Park.

  • Ben Tuinman

    To stop the PC’s, with Ford at the helm, form a majority government, the only way to vote (while holding our collective noses….} is to vote NDP….a Liberal vote is a total wasted vote this time around, since they only poll at around 18%.

  • A lot of people are confused as to who to support in this election. Dissatisfaction with parties, leaders and local candidates is rampant. In the end, I hope that people vote FOR something rather than against. This is the only way that we will see better representation in Queen’s Park.
    Jim Gilchrist – Ontario Libertarian Party

  • Allen Jones

    McKenna was indeed a disaster, sorta like Wallace … two peas in a pod …. like Collin
    “I hope enough strategic-thinking Liberals would consider voting NDP this time to keep the riding out of the hands of Doug Ford and his cronies.” and may I add “incompetent” to that comment. Allen

  • Roger

    Jane is a good person however given she represents Doug Ford – I cannot in good faith vote to support Doug Ford

  • William

    Putting party politics aside (I’ve voted for each of the 3 parties over the years), I can’t fathom how anyone could possibly vote for Jane McKenna. She was a dreadful four years ago, contributing to the PCs losing the seat for the first time in decades. She provided poor constituency service, did not communicate, and had no profile at Queens Park.

    I’ve heard that Mike Wallace helped get her re-nominated. A few weeks ago, The Globe and Mail reported on her controversial nomination, that was “tainted by numerous breaches of party rules”.

    Amazing how quickly we forget.

  • Collin

    Just as many New Democrats voted Liberal in the last provincial election to keep the Tories out, I hope enough strategic-thinking Liberals would consider voting NDP this time to keep the riding out of the hands of Doug Ford and his cronies.