Jumping into the social media pool – you won’t drown but this is not the place to find your 15 minutes of fame.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  April 4, 2012   He did it again and plans on yet another run at a Business in Burlington Meet Up – one of these social media things where you learn on line about an event, register so they know what the count is going to be and you show up.

James Burchill drew 175 people with a pocket full or business cards into a large room at the back of The Beaver and Bulldog at the Waterfront hotel where they all assiduously worked the room.  A cynic would think the event was funded by the business card printing industry.

You know the event is popular when the politicians show up – the Mayor decided he needed to get a look at social media up close and personal like and – well you know what happened – the people who wanted to bend his ear headed towards him like a sucker seeing a plump thigh in a swampy bit of water.

Good crowd at the fourth Business in Burlington Meet up - politicians have moved in - good sign?

Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward was on hand – she doesn’t hand out business cards but say your first and your last name and she has her smart phone out keying in the essential data and you’re on her list – which is not a bad place to be – she puts out the best Newsletter from a politician in this town.

It’s two hours out of your life and if networking matters to you – and it should if you’re going to grow whatever it is you are up to these days, then Business in Burlington is the place to be.  Google the name and you’ll get James Burchill and his smiling face.  James does send out a lot of email – so be prepared for that.  It was by working social media that he made this happen.

The question I had as I walked to my car was  – OK, now what?   Burchill holds the event and I did meet a lot of people and I was able to get some face time with someone I have been wanting to chat up for some time but wasn’t able to land on his radar screen.  Are these things going to become a bit like Rotary minus the doing anything for someone else?  The age spectrum ran from early 30’s to the sixtyish set with no one demographic dominating.

What was pleasant to see was the diversity in the audience – you don’t see the same mix in the public sector.

Where does this go?   Beats me – not something I would plan on doing every month but if you wanted to dip into the small business entrepreneur crowd – this was the place to be.  Could the Chamber of Commerce develop membership with this crowd?

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2 comments to Jumping into the social media pool – you won’t drown but this is not the place to find your 15 minutes of fame.

  • This was my first time through the turn-style of the Business in Burlington Meet Up group. I must say it was very pleasant to see the diversity in my community. The fear of walking in and mingling with the “big wigs” was not the venue I wanted, and even though they were there the atmosphere was very conducive and productive in networking.

    My hat off to our host, did not get a chance this first go round to meet him but I will look forward to that.
    Pep, thank you for lending an ear, good to have met you. loving your articles.

    Alvin Ferron
    jTees Distribution

  • This was the 3rd Business in Burlington meet up I have attended. Each time I am consumed with the warmth and energy that is generated at these events and I leave with business connections and new friendships.

    Thank you to James Burchill and his group for the time involved in organizing the BIB Networking Meet Up. I look forward to it each month!