Just a few days left to get your 15 minutes of fame on the stage of the Performing Arts Centre.

By Staff

If you really want your 15 minutes of fame on a Burlington stage – get your demo into the Mayor’s Cabaret.  There are just a few days left to be considered for the event which is to take place at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre on February 24th.

Mayor Goldring, upper right, practices his routine for the upcoming Mayor's Cabaret. He hasn't been told yet that after his Blue Jeans Gala performance - he isn't going to make the cut.

To date there are 30 submissions and the Mayor’s Office expects a few more to come in at the last minute – you could be one of those.  While the competition is going to be stiff we are able to tell you that you won’t be going up against the Mayor or Mike Wallace, Burlington’s MP.  Both took part on the Blue Jeans Gala early in December and both have decided to keep their day jobs.

The Cabaret is Mayor Goldring’s initiative as a fund raiser for the Centre, which has just gone through what they called a slow opening – and they weren’t kidding.  Starting with Royal Oak back in October to the big ticket Gala with Sarah McLaughlin on the stage and a “boffo” event for the patrons who could put up the $400. per ticket price.

Now the Centre settles into becoming a destination in the city that delivers world class entertainment and at the same time makes room for local performing arts groups and serves as home base for the Burlington Teen Tour Band.  The Mayors Cabaret is about as local as you’re going to get; it will be interesting to see what comes in. If you want to take a shot at being selected click on the link above.

The Sound of Music people are heavily involved in this initiative; they will be doing the selecting and overseeing  the production.

Inquiries: Daphne Jaques, Assistant to the Mayor,  (905) 335-7600, ext. 7478

Email: jaquesd@burlington.ca

Tickets for the event are $100. each, available at the BPAC box office – 905-681-6000,  for which you get a lot more than a comfortable seat The Centre has shown they know how to put on an event and based on the first really WOW! Gala we can expect this to be just as impressive.  Big question is: Will Cogeco Cable TV have their cameras on site?


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