Kearns gearing up for en event that has yet to be announced

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May 1st, 2021



This comes as no surprise to us.

Lisa Kearns has announced a virtual event to tell us all why she should be the Liberal candidate whenever the next provincial is held.

This is a Lisa Kearns event – nothing to do with the Liberal Party.

kearns announcementThere has not yet been an announcement from the Burlington Liberal Party Association on when a nomination meeting is to take place.

Kearns is in the process of scarring away anyone else who might want to go after the nomination.

When Lisa wants something she goes all out to get it.  Jane McKenna, the current member of the Legislature for Burlington, has the same character traits; It should be a heck of a race whenever it takes place.

In announcing her virtual event on May 7th Kearns said:

Kearns at bus depot

Lisa Kearns staking out the territory as a candidate for the Provincial Liberal nomination.

“Burlington is the best place to live, raise a family, start a business or age in place. I’ve learned that local government needs aligned provincial partners to deliver on what you value most. Quite simply, we need better representation that puts you first and prioritizes the health & well-being of our families and loved ones.

“We are a city that’s rich in community, possibility & inspiration. We’re also a city that simply deserves better. Changes are critical at the provincial level to serve you in the way you have asked. Let me continue to be ahead of the issues and make a space for your voice to be heard. Join the upcoming Town Hall to hear how I’ll leverage my professional experience and time in elected office to serve you better at the Provincial level where changes are critical.”

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16 comments to Kearns gearing up for en event that has yet to be announced

  • Susan Corrigan

    Lisa is just passing through our city council with hopes of a more powerful position. Good luck with that. Only listens when you agree with what she has to say. Some of the developers she’s cosying up to are not quality folk.

    Content edited;

  • Alfred

    I’m a little confused,

    What do the Liberals have in common with Lisa Kearns? Or moreover what does Lisa Kearns have in common with the Provincial Liberal Party. The Liberal Party brought in the Greenbelt and the Build Up Not Out Policies. The high intensity mandate known as Intensification. That so many of her constituents hated and Lisa fought hard to prevent.

    She actually ran on an anti development campaign to get elected as councilor. Clearly the Liberals are not going to reverse their position on housing to satisfy her. It will be her,that will be whipped into place. Having to turn her back on her consituents and tow the party line. Having to sell her very soul to get a better job. Still trying to understand what the Liberals will get out of this deal come election time when this is all thrown back in her face. It speaks a lot about character and what you really stand for. Self serving. who knows??

    I can’t see this working out any differently. David I look forward to your comments.

    • David Barker

      You know me well, my friend.

      You are probably right in much of what you say. But as respects Councilor Kearns being anti development, I don’t think you have that quite right. My understanding is that she is very anti very tall high rise tower’s in the downtown. That was a central plank of her campaign. But councilor Kearns is, I understand, pro development of high rises and intensification generally in appropriate locations denoted in the new OP, such as around the GO stations.

      Councilor Kearns has stood firm against developers like Core which wishes to abuse the city and its residents wishes. On the other hand she is generally supportive of Fairview PLC’s application for the Holland nursery lands.

      So I think it is wrong to blanket Councilor Kearns as anti development.

      Now having said that I have no idea why she brought forward the OP amendment that prohibits the construction of semi-detached homes in the Emerald and St Luke’s districts. I do not understand why Council and the City as a whole discourages the building of semi-detached housing by way of not providing zoning requirements. Yes, I find that reactionary and non-sensical.

      I do agree with you though, that she will very quickly find it very frustrating at having to toe the party line. Frustrating too to not be able to publicly speak out for her constituents when that position conflicts with party policy.

  • Hilary Durrant

    I am all for Lisa, she has Burlington’s best interest at heart.

    • Phillip Wooster

      No she doesn’t–she has Lisa’s best interests at heart. However, Lisa’s brief record at City Hall indicates that she will be an ideal Liberal candidate–loves to increase taxes, and increase spending.

  • Eve St Clair

    Even though she will lose PROVINCIALLY,Lisa Kearns needs to resign her council seat

  • Sharon

    Burlington didn’t do well with the last Liberal MPP, not sure how a inexperienced person will do at the Provincial level. However, Jane McKenna definitely has to go.

    • Donna

      The Clapping Seal with experience hasn’t done well.

    • perryb

      I’m not sure what standards one could apply to “doing well” to assess the previous MPP. Eleanor was dedicated, out in public, well-meaning in the face of a city council who we were happy to get rid of, and a provincial government that had lost its way. It is our fault that we have permitted upper tier governments to become centred around a leader who was the lowest common denominator at the last party convention, and a troupe of unelected acolytes in their inner circle who decide what will be done on behalf of their masters (lobbyists and donors).

      Somehow, the British (originators of our system) seem to have largely avoided this fate, but now face different problems instead.

  • David Barker

    As said before, I’m a huge supporter of Lisa Kearns

    Her statement as reported by the Gazette sounds like that of every other candidate seeking to unseat an incumbent, whether municipally, provincially, or federally. The message is always “change is needed. Only I will bring that change about. Only I will advocate for you.”

    Lisa says “we need better representation that puts you first and prioritizes the health & well-being of our families and loved ones.”

    How can that be achieved when the reality of politics at the provincial or federal level is that, whilst you can advocate for your constituency within caucus, you must toe the party line, and publicly support policies of the party, even if you &/or your constituents believe those policies may not be in the best interests of your constituency. Very different from the municipal level where no party system exists. And so you are able be your own person and truly represent and advocate for your constituents.

    I wish Lisa well. I shall be supporting her in her bid.

    • Blair Smith

      David – I agree with you totally. The irony of politics is that there is a direct but inverse relationship between the span of governance and the degree to which an individual can exercise some form of meaningful influence. Provincially, Lisa will be a ‘voice in the darkness’ if allowed to have a voice at all. The level of government where she can have the greatest and most autonomous influence to the benefit of her constituents, is exactly where she is now. I wish her well.

  • Donna

    Burlington deserves an MPP who will engage with Constituents. Burlington deserves Lisa.

  • Blair Smith

    And in one single, somewhat silly move, she has given total credence to all who claimed that her focus would shift and that she would be a lame-duck Counsellor for Ward 2. Who is advising her?

  • Penny Hersh

    I have to question if Lisa Kearns should be using the email address This may be as I was told” her own personal property” but it indicates that she is the councillor for Ward 2.

    What mailing list is being used to send this information out? Full disclosure, I did not personally get this email, it was forwarded to me. I would not expect to receive this as I tend not to vote for the Liberal Party.

    As a Ward 2 resident I have to ask should she be representing me at council when her interests are definitely not at the Municipal level of government?

    As for representing Burlington’s needs at the Provincial level?

    While I applaud her campaign rhetoric I will leave it up to others to determine if after serving less than one term at the municipal level she will have the clout to influence at the Provincial level.

    • David Barker

      I would respectfully question why you suggest her attention to the interests of Ward 2 or Burlington as a whole is any less today than before her declaration, being that she remains a resident of Burlington. Even if just for self-interest, which is not Lisa, she will continue to watch out for our interests.

      Would you act as you suggest she may if you were in her position. I hope not.