Kearns is named valedictorian by her classmates - has completed a stiff management course

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March 8th, 2021



On this day – dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the women in the community – let’s look at what one member of city council has managed to achieve.

Lisa Kearns went back to school this year and by the end of the week she will be able to put the designation: ICD.D behind her name.

That designations states that she successfully completed the course at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management.

Kearns - trhe like

Lisa Kearns, Councillor for ward 2 – a wicked sense of humour and an ability to drop great one-line zingers.

The classes were done virtually, which did not make them any easier. The certification is issued by the Institute of Corporate Directors – in the corporate world that counts.

Each class had about 40 people in it. Most were in what Kearns called the 40 years of age range, which probably says more about her age than she intended.

Those of you who follow Kearns will have been treated to her, at times, wicked sense of humour and her ability to drop great one-line zingers that she sometimes regrets saying – but she is who she is.

Her fellow students appear to have come to appreciate who she is – they made her the class valedictorian.

Lisa Kearns taking questions

Dangerous woman when she has a microphone in her hands.

How does she do it? The woman is the Mother of two children, a city Councillor as well as a Regional Councillor, who is a Full Press Monty participant at every meeting.

Getting the designation was important to Kearns who clearly has higher political aspirations adding that she “paid for the course.”   The courses are not cheap – think in terms of thousands – seven to be more precise.

Mayor Meed Ward is taking a similar course at McMaster. In a statement made by the Mayor at the time she said:  her courses were paid for by a benefactor she did not choose to name.

One has to wonder how that went over during the ethics part of the McMaster program.

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4 comments to Kearns is named valedictorian by her classmates – has completed a stiff management course

  • perryb

    Good for Councilor Kearns — and let’s not miss a chance to take a shot at the Mayor

  • Hans Jacobs

    Congratulations Lisa 🙂
    Perhaps her diploma should become a standard requirement for anyone seeking political office. In this century it is no longer enough to win a simple popularity contest (i.e., election) – political office jobs require considerable knowledge and abilities best acquired through formal education and training.
    I don’t care who paid for MMW’s courses. I do care that she understood the value of taking them and made the necessary time sacrifice.

  • Lynn Crosby

    Wow! This is very impressive, U of T Rotman, and I can imagine the classmates who elected her Valedictorian would be a very impressive group of people as well!

  • Claudette B Mancini

    Congratulations, Lisa! Well done!