Keeping up with the seasons - some produce doesn't make it to the market table.

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November 18th, 2019



There is something about the seasons.

Frozen apples - no barns

Apples left on a tree -look a little like Christmas decorations.

We know what they are but we aren’t always prepared for what they bring us.

Farmers are in the fields doing some scrambling to get crops in before they lose what was planted.

Some produce doesn’t get harvested.

This lone tree will hang on to its fruit until total frozen and the apples fall to the ground.

The dogs seem to like them.

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2 comments to Keeping up with the seasons – some produce doesn’t make it to the market table.

  • Phillip Wooster

    Your picture is a long-abandoned apple tree, not one that is currently being cultivated. Not only do some dogs seem to like them, but birds in the winter, especially robins, can be found pecking away.

  • Jan Mowbray

    Deer especially like the apples