Lakeshore Road south of Maple expected to re-open October 16 - Detour maps shown.

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September 27, 2016


The Phase II Road Closure is expected to remain in effect until October 16, 2016.

For access to the Joseph Brant Museum, Joseph Brant Hospitalloading dock and hospital construction site trailer, use North Shore Blvd/Maple Avenue.

For access to the following locations, use the Eastport Drive detour route:

• Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Ministry of Transportation – Maintenance
• Halton McMaster Family Health Centre
• Joseph Brant Hospital Parking Garage
• Joseph Brant Hospital Construction Site
• Burlington Beach


Map with detours that will be in place until October 16th, 2016

On October 17, 2016 Lakeshore Road, south of the Maple Avenue / North Shore Boulevard
intersection, is scheduled to be fully opened to traffic, weather permitting.

Lakeshore Road will be open to traffic, but will remain a construction site, with the following works scheduled to take place:

• Completion of traffic signal and street light installation
• Tree planting
• Site restoration

2016 Construction works are scheduled to be completed by mid November 2016 with toplift asphalt
and final landscaping works planned for the spring of 2017.

Changes to Hamilton Street Railway Company (HSR)

During Construction HSR service will be returning to Lakeshore Road. The date is yet to be finalized. For more
information please visit

Lakeshore Road was raised about one metre to align with the hospital.  The raised portion of the road extends to the water treatment plant.

Henshell house Beachway

The Region purchased this property for a reported $550,000 – and then tore it down.

Longer term, the road is expected to take a sharp turn to the right to accommodate the Regional Plans for a much larger Beachway recreation area,  The longer term plan includes buying up the more than 25 homes still in he area on a willing seller – willing buyer basis.  The Regional government is the willing buyer and has been offering good prices and a number of sweetheart deal initiatives.


Longer term the Beachway we know now will be a much different place – all that green in the photograph will be parkland with different themes for different sections of the property – and all the home will eventually be gone – IF the current plan comes to full fruition.

If you have any questions about this project, please call Jeff Thompson at 905 335-7600, ext. 7669 or
Janine Yaromich at 905 335-7600, ext. 7421.

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2 comments to Lakeshore Road south of Maple expected to re-open October 16 – Detour maps shown.

  • BurlingtonLocal

    Eminent Domain.

  • Helene Skinner

    Many Beachway home owners are NOT willing sellers and certainly not to the government. Beachway home owners are quite aware that they are sitting on a gold mine and that if the government wants their properties…that it would cost them a pretty penny…as Beachway homeowners live on one of Ontario’s best beaches, have unobstructed access to Lake Ontario, walking distance to downtown Burlington and easy highway access to all major highways and are minutes to the GO station…(see link highlighting current housing market for an area not offering the same priviledges…. ). As there is NO expropriation and it is based on WILLING SELLER only…the homeowner sets the price tag!! We won’t let a 40 year old dusty Regional wish list destroy the fundamental values, character and safety of a 100 year old community to simply please the establishment and be part of it’s councilor’s legacy. FACT: Burlington does NOT have the man power/budget to maintain more parkland now or in the foreseeable future (it has great challenges maintaining current public space). Staff have affirmed to me that Burlington is a reactive establishment not pro-active. Regional Council voted to continue the vision of park plan but the Burlington councilors who also sit on Region know that that the monies to purchase, build and maintain such a vision is NOT feasible…not now or in the future. If you have any specific questions, please contact me at