Lakeside Plaza still has some life in it.

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May 14th, 2021



Lakeside Plaza has not been sold, is not for sale but was put on hold while the owners met with both elected officials and members of the community.

The initial application proposed an overall redevelopment that included a mix of single storey, mid-rise and high-rise buildings that provided 900 new residential units, 2,700 square metres of office space and 11,955 square metres of service commercial and retail uses.

Lakeside Plaza May 14

There is too much upside for a developer to walk away from this opportunity.

A revised redevelopment plan that addresses technical and community comments is being prepared by the applicant’s project team.

Following a meeting with the community, staff, Ward Councillor and Mayor Meed Ward in December 2019, the project team commenced some additional work to update the concept plan based on the principles discussed with the group and based on additional technical studies that were ongoing at the time.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was put on hold. The project has recently been restarted (April 2021) following an update meeting with the owner’s representative and the consulting team.

In the next few months the project team will be revising the conceptual plans and technical studies with the goal of reconnecting with the community group and staff in late summer or early fall to present updated plans and eventually reaching out to the broader community following a re submission. Further updates will be provided as this work progresses.

Several questions have been raised about the sale of the site and a change to the consulting team. There has been no sale of the site and the consulting team remains as it was since the last update.

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