Latest bank scam - be vigilant, pay attention - and if in doubt - don't.


Identity theft - many faces  By Staff

  May 12, 2015



It looks like it could come from the Bank of Montreal – and we all make little goofs logging in. Did I make that many I might ask.

BMO scam - failed log ins

It might look legitimate – it isn’t.

This kind of scam is an attempt to get you to click on the link they want you to go to – then they begin to gather information. It doesn’t take them very long to get to the point where they have enough information to begin sucking money out of your bank account; your credit card or any number of places where you have funds that are accessible on line.

The sent from address used is a little confusing – this isn’t from a bank.

The basic rule is always be vigilant and if in doubt – don’t.

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1 comment to Latest bank scam – be vigilant, pay attention – and if in doubt – don’t.

  • Zaffi

    The methods of trying to lure us in appears to be expanding.
    I recently received a text on my cell phone last week saying my BMO online banking account was locked. I haven’t banked with BMO in over 10 years so I did not open the text.

    Call centre people calls to cell and landlines have been occurring for quite awhile now. However, I had a new situation occur a few weeks ago on my cell. I have a policy of not answering phone numbers I don’t recognize and only call back if they leave a voice mail and I know the caller. However, since this was a 289 area code I called the number anyway. An automated operator came on advising that I was attempting an overseas call and to enter the country code before the number. I hung up immediately of course.