Leaf collection dates released - they seem to have been adjusted after last year's goof.

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October 12, 2017



Leaf collection 2017 truck

Ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison asked: “How fortunate we are to live in a city which provides Leaf Collection?”

And then he hands out a “thank you” to city staff for “the tremendous efforts” of the city’s Roads & Parks Maintenance (RPM) team who coordinate and carry out this service. Based on last year’s collection schedule RPM staff revised this year’s Leaf Collection as follows:

Leaves schedule

Specific dates have not yet been determined. The RPM are going to be more cautious this year.

Collection will start the week of Nov. 6, 2017, with the last collection scheduled for the week of Dec. 11, 2017. A reminder that after the last pick updates, there will be no further collection from the city. For more details including guidelines to ensure a smooth-running pick-up, visit Leaf Collection.

Leaf pick up zones 2017

Leaf pick zone boundaries.

Last year the people with trees on their property were very upset – with very few good words for city staff.
It was brutal.  One south Burlington resident said:

“Who is responsible for this lack of proper planning/scheduling? I do understand that scheduling must be done in advance but surely City Hall has access to the same long-term weather reports as I do?


“And I assume city staff responsible are capable of looking outside to see how much of the leaf fall has occurred? None of this has happened with the consequent poor results. What is the City going to do to rectify this?”

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2 comments to Leaf collection dates released – they seem to have been adjusted after last year’s goof.

  • Greg

    Dennison is out of touch. How fortunate? We pay for the service.

    You could say ‘how fortunate we are as human beings that we can afford to live in a city like Burlington’. Even if that is what he chose to say, we still want value for our money.

    I do not believe people like Dennison deliver value.

  • craig gardner

    Hey I was happy last year. Worked for me. Wishing this year could come sooner the streets around here have lots of leaves on them already and a number of trees all the leaves are off but we have almosy 4 weeks till our first pick up the second pickup will be pretty light or snow covered.