Lest we forget

Remembered, respected

Remembered, respected


The memorial was put in place after WWI when the citizens of Burlington wanted to do something to remember the fallen.  It was paid for by citizens and then turned over to the city to maintain.

The bronze plaque on the front was put in place to commemorate those lost in WW II – beneath that plaque are the following words:

“To teach that he who serves is lost,
To bear in silence, though our hearts may bleed,
To spend ourselves, and never count the cost,
For others greater need.”

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3 comments to Lest we forget

  • Joe Gaetan

    The memorial posters that are affixed to light posts near the memorial puts a face to a name. Not sure who came up with idea, but I would like to see it continued.

  • Anne and Dave Marsden – Thank you for this article it is very meaningful.

  • Phillip Wooster

    In virtually every small town in Ontario there is a monument like this dedicated to the men who served and died during the two world wars. I am struck by two things when I see these monuments–given the size of the small local population at the time (Burlington in World War I would have been no different), how many men died in the service to their country–the sacrifice by the men and the country was immense. Secondly, I’m also grateful that a significant celebration of remembrance will be held at each one of these today; many feature little Canadian flags–one for each name on the cenotaph.