Liberals get ready to convene in Montreal – should be looking for credible candidates.

December 12, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  The Liberal Party of Canada will be holding its Biennial Convention in Montréal in February of 2014 – the Burlington federal Liberals are asking their members to sign on for a weekend trip to Montreal.

While a federal election is not on the calendar until 2015 – the Liberals in this town need all the name recognition a candidate can get – and with the federal Conservatives in the mess of their lives – it would make some sense to find the candidate that can win in Burlington.

Its going to take more than a high-profile name to make Justin Prime Minister.

If the Liberals can get their BOY to be seen in the House of Commons a little more often and begin making comments that make sense rather than make him look a little foolish – there could be a different political party running the country.  But – it is going to take more than just the Trudeau name to form a government.

Provincially – with the chances of an election in the Spring better than even – the Liberals are still scurrying about to find a candidate to run against Jane McKenna who has done little if anything for Burlington, but she has managed to become a close to rabid partisan.  Should McKenna survive the next provincial election she will become close to impossible to remove.

Tim Hudak is not likely to survive the next provincial election – which will raise the star of our Lady Jane.

Burlington seems to vote solid Tory blue unless there is a really strong name candidate – then they go with the national flow.  Should Justin Trudeau up his game and begin to be seen as seriously credible a decent candidate will come forward and Mike Wallace would be in for the fight of his life.

But candidates are not like mushrooms – they don`t grow in the dark; they need sunshine and exposure; they need the interaction of vigorous debate so that voters can see the differences in character and ability and not find themselves having to rely on the political party label to make their decisions for them.

Burlington doesn`t have much in the way of a tradition to be proud of in picking candidates that are superior and able to really represent the city.  For a community that is made up of people who are for the most part well-educated and in the top half of the income charts – we can and should be able to do much better than we have done in the past in terms of our political representation.

It`s not the political labels that are the problem – it’s the people wearing the labels.

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7 comments to Liberals get ready to convene in Montreal – should be looking for credible candidates.

  • marie

    is there a Craven in the running?

    • Barbara Fisher

      Ohhh, you mean Henshall’s predecessor on City Council.

      • John P.

        Craven should get away from the amateurs at city hall. Craven has proven his value, and he is needed at the federal level, if not provincially. Wallace has done nothing but take his paycheque. Wallace took money for doing nothing. At least Craven has a work ethic, and we need people like him who can work hard and deliver tangible results.

        • Deborah Wilson

          Prove it.

          • John P.

            Craven’s proven success record is open to the public on a daily basis. Look at all the work and development that has taken place in Aldershot.

            As opposed to Wallace who is basically treated as an administrative assistant working on dormant files, except for once a year when he attends ribfest and may help you fill out your passport application.

            Craven is a pro; Wallace is an amateur, just like most of this city’s council.

          • 57Chevy

            yes exactly…..look at all the development in Aldershot!!!!!

  • Joe b

    McKenna hasnt done much. She also doesnt have much of a resume to fall back upon. I think most couldnt name a single acomplishment. Wallace isnt liked to the point of preventing a liberal win under Justin. Hes in due to the party, and not because he is beloved by all (despite what many might think).