Libertarian candidate sets out what he stands for - looking for your support.

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June 5th, 2018



They get referred to as “fringe” candidates. They aren’t part of the mainstream political parties – but they often have a well thought out point of view and a different approach to how society should – could work.
They often bring ideas that work their way into mainstream thinking. The fringes do include some whacko candidates. Jim Gilchrist isn’t one of those. His philosophy is that of a Libertarian.

He is the Libertarian Party candidate for the riding of Burlington Ontario

Libertarianism is a collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment.

What is most important to Gilchrist:


Jim Gilchrist – Libertarian.

Encouraging more political awareness and involvement, especially in young Ontarians
Reducing the provincial debt for future generations
Ensuring governmental accountability and fiscal responsibility
Increasing government efficiency and rationalizing services
Re-establishing Ontario as an attractive business environment
Stimulating business growth, investment and job creation
Providing an energy policy with reasonable costs for families and businesses
Offering more choice and greater access to healthcare
Enabling greater parental choice and input for quality education
Maintaining a transparent democratic process

About Jim:
• a resident of downtown Burlington since 1989
• married to my wife Nancy for 28 years
• have two grown sons
• owned and operated Career Advancement Employment Services Inc. for over 20 years
• expertise in ‘people performance’ solutions to both organizations and individuals
• graduate of the University of Waterloo with a joint honours Bachelors of Environmental Studies and Political Science degree (B.E.S.)
• completed coursework related to management decision-making and urban development in the Masters of Environmental Studies and Masters of Business Administration programs at York University
• Past Director, Burlington Youth Soccer Club Board of Directors (BYSC)
• Past coach, Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association (BLOMHA)
• Past Treasurer, Healey Lake Property Owners Association, (HLPOA)

Contact Information

Telephone: (905) 681-8240

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4 comments to Libertarian candidate sets out what he stands for – looking for your support.

  • Stephen White

    Mr. Gilchrist’s platform is very thoughtful and unique. It is refreshing to see a candidate on the political right who understands the importance of well thought out and considered public policies, and who can articulate a different perspective to the electorate with precision and insights. I really liked his response to Susie on intensification. Maybe Mr. Gilchrist should consider running municipally.

    I wonder how the Ontario Libertarian Party stakes out a unique political identity from the Trillium Party which is also fielding a number of candidates throughout the province, albeit not in Burlington? Concern might be the the OLP and the Trillium Party splinters the vote and dilutes their message to conservative-minded voters.

  • Susie, I am not sure of your position on intensification, but here are a few of my thoughts. The intensification designation on the downtown should be removed. I agree with mobility hubs at the Go stations but, like Oakville, the downtown should not be designated for significant growth. It is my understanding that Burlington will currently meet its provincial growth targets, and that further intensification in the downtown will have a negative impact. Moderate height increases, if acceptable to the public, should be allowed, but current height applications are much beyond what I would think are acceptable limits. Key to my objection is an absence of proper traffic planning and community infrastructure. I do not believe that the price of new residential housing will be affordable to new house purchasers, that businesses will be eager to locate in a difficult to access downtown, and that employees will want to commute there. Small retail could suffer if people do not want to visit the downtown (aside from walk in customers), because of traffic congestion and lack of available parking – especially during one of the many Spencer Smith Park events. I hope this helps.

  • Susie

    If the Burlington residents voted for this man that lives in the downtown area, and he “can see the light on the over intensification plans” the way we do, then we may have someone?? With coursework supposedly completed on urban development, we have to be sure what direction his thought process is heading before he gets the mighty “X” on our ballots.

  • Thank you for the recognition. This first experience as a candidate has been very interesting, and I certainly encourage more people (especially young people) to get involved at all political levels. We will see how the election pans out, and hopefully both the Ontario Libertarian Party and myself will achieve our goals on June 7th. Then, back to my ‘real’ job at Career Advancement Employment on June the 8th!