Little Eleeza is back - this time as a Ramadan Ranger - formidable little fund raiser this one.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 10th, 2015


We first saw Eleeza at the Mainway arena last December during a meeting at which the public learned about what was being done to support the bringing of Syrian refugees to Canada.

There was some concern at the time that there might be some vocal opposition to helping the refugees – it turned out to be a quiet, informative meeting at which everyone learned what could be done if we all worked together.

Eleeza - surprisedgetting funds

What started off as a single $5 donation grew to a total of $410 in a few short minutes; people just kept stuffing money into her hands.

During the meeting on young lady spoke of the fund raising she was doing to buy Beanie Boos that would be given to refugee children  that were arriving in Canada. It was a simple decent thing to do – and that a child of Pakistani heritage whose parents were born in Canada took the initiative was admirable in the minds of  many. Before the end of the meeting people were stuffing $10 and $20 bills into her hands,

Eleeza had learned at an early age how to give back.

Ramadan ranger collection box

Eleeza and her Ramadan Ranges expect to fill cartons like this numerous times – they want to exceed their five SUV’s full that they collected last year.

She has now enlarged her circle and created what the calls – the Ramadan Rangers and drafted her brother Waseem and their six close friends, Ammani, Ayaana and Ammad from Burlington, and Imaan, Zaara, and Aiza from Ancaster who re running a food drive to collect food and money for charity!

They ran this drive last year and collected five SUVs full of food and over $2000 in donations. The kids call themselves the Ramadan Rangers and are at it again this year and looking to surpass their accomplishment from last year.

The drive is running from June 5th until June 26th 2016.   At the end of June, they are going to divide the food; some will go to Food for Life Burlington and some will go to Muslim Welfare Centre. All monetary donations will go to Islamic Relief Canada.

Ramadan Rangers posters

They created a certificate for Ramadan Rangers.

Drop off points for food donations are:

4674 Irena Avenue Burlington ON L7M 0K3

3316 Stoneware Road Burlington ON L7M 0K3

31 Camp Drive Ancaster ON L9K 9A7

People can leave food donations on the porches.  For monetary donations they can contact Sehr Wyne at to arrange a funds transfer.


getting new - yellowThe background story:

Eleeza watches a $5 donation grow to$410


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