Local computer nerds have found a service niche that is paying off for them.

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September 13th, 2017



The world is full of grungy rooms, perhaps with a musical instrument in the corner and a bunch of guys hunched over their keyboard revising computer code.

The world is what it is today as a result of these very smart people. There are some women sprinkled amongst this cohort.

Lily - Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams at his computer – he is part of the team that created LilySpeech – worth taking a look at.

About a year ago a crew in the North West part of the city, surrounded by industrial operations developed what they decided to call LilySpeech.

LilySpeech is a service that lets you talk to your computer and turns your words into text which you can then send.
The service is sold on a monthly basis – $2.49 a month – those that use it swear by it.

In a drive to increase the subscription list LilySpeech gives away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to the LilySpeech user who does the best post on social media about why they love LilySpeech and how they use it.

Chris Burger was the September winner. His social media post is shown below:Lilly speech

If you want to take a crack at winning yourself its pretty easy.
LilySpeech is still quite new so you’re not competing against hundreds of posts here 🙂 get creative, it takes just a few minutes and you could easily win the $100 in October.

They want your story to be funny, original and tell what LilySpeech does.

Just do your post and then send an email to social@lilyspeech.com with a screen shot of the post.

You will need to know more about LilySpeech – check out the story the Gazette did in February.


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