Local stained glass artist to exhibit – she is AGOG

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June 21, 2014


Confluence poster - AGOG - SeatonWe don’t normally promote events that don’t take place in Burlington but one of the city’s very talented stained glass artists is showing at the event – she is well worth the drive to Dundas.

Teresa Seaton is one of the driving forces behind the annual Art in Action studio tour and is heavily involved in the Arts and Cultural Collective that has come into being the past 18 months and serves as the voice of the arts community.

AGOG – Artistic Group of Glass was formed to share ideas and work cooperatively to raise awareness of their original art.  As fine glass artists they strive to perfect their craftsmanship and push beyond the limitations of craft stereotypes.

It’s an art form that may not be for everyone but if you want to see what a group of artists has done with what we have all seen in our churches – you might want to put this event on your calendar.

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1 comment to Local stained glass artist to exhibit – she is AGOG

  • Title of the exhibition is Confluence. A confluence is the merger of two or more bodies of water. Five very talented and original glass artists have also come together or merged for this exciting exhibition.
    We are AGOG. Teresa Seaton, John Highley, John Storey, Joe Speck and Siobhan Lynch.