Local talent to be given a chance to perform outside the doors of the two theatres of the Performing Arts Centre.

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 3rd, 2016


The Burlington Performing Arts Centre is accepting submissions from local artists for the Culture Days celebrations in the Theatre Lobby to take place on Sunday October 2nd, 2016.

These are curated performances event taking place from 12pm -4pm, in conjunction with other activities. The call is for artists in the community to have a 15-minute performance highlight on the lobby stage. There are only eight slots available.

Here is the Burlington Teen Tour Band opening up the Performing Arts Centre. Imagine them doing the same thing on the pier. Going to be a glorious sight.

The Family room being put to spectacular use – the Performing Arts Centre wants to make the space available to local talent during Culture Days in the fall.

As part of the Community Initiative for Culture Days in Burlington, we are looking for amateur talent in Burlington and surrounding areas to showcase our local artists or acts and to introduce these artists to our patrons and to a wider audience as well as to showcase culture in Burlington.

This can also assist any local artist or group who are on their way to becoming better known in the community or even pursuing the goal of becoming professional.

There is an honorarium for these performances and the artists will get an opportunity to promote their brand at that time, while reaching a new audience. The artists may also be added to the City of Burlington’s Artists database, with their permission.

We are looking for singer/songwriters, singers of pop, jazz, blues, folk, musical theatre and classical music, bands or combos, instrumentalists and soloists: classical, jazz, etc.

Please submit by email to: BPACsubmissions@burlington.ca with Culture Days in the Subject line.  Includde a couple of photos, a short bio and some background information along with a short description of the act or performer, any links to YouTube videos, if you have them, and of course, contact information.

Dateline for submissions is August 26th, 2016.

There are only eight spots available; only those acts or artists selected will be contacted.

Costin Manu, Community Engagement Manager for the Centre, has been working at getting something going in the lobby of the Performing Arts centre since he arrived. It will be interesting to see how this works out – it will also be interesting to see how the city and the Performing Arts centre manage to collaborate on making the Cultural Days event in Burlington work. There didn’t seem to be all that much co-operating between the two – each sort of did their own thing – and it showed.

The Centre has a strong Jazz program on the plaza during August – details in the next edition of the Gazette.

Earlier this year the Art \gallery of Burlington rented the Main Theatre and put the lobby – which we thought was named the Family Room – and put it to excellent use.

The Burlington Teen Tour Band took over the FAmily Room of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre the day the city turned the building over to the community.

The Burlington Teen Tour Band took over the Family Room of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre the day the city turned the building over to the community.

When the Performing Arts Centre opened there was an afternoon when all of the Burlington Teen Tour Band marched in through the east side sliding doors and gave that space life and energy it has never seen before.

The Centre management has yet to “animate” the space as well since.

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