Lock down seems to be working - a month less a day to go.

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December 29th, 2020



How is that lock down going for you so far?

Lisa Kearns who from time to time walks the streets of ward 2,  reports that people are “walking for health and walking dogs. Not seeing any groups, the odd distanced coffee walk is happening.”

Lisa Kearns

Councillor takes to the streets – all seems to be well – quiet.

“All food service is open for pick up, including coffee shops so there is some activity there.

“Parking is readily available as well, so an indicator of reduced activity.

“Merchants all closed since lock down, chatted with one who was in store doing paperwork but not allowing in customers.

“Overall, 90 min parking fees waived was well received. Parking supply better managed for availability around commercial areas. Would still have to measure the Covid factor as merchants report more destination shopping (in and out) compared to leisure retail (store to store browsing).

Parking meter wrapped

Parking isn’t free but a quarter will get you 90 minutes.

“Significant absence of “December P” negative parking emails this year, last year there were 7 oppositional, detailed and direct emails with about 12 general concern emails. This year zero.”

No word from any of the other members of Council – yet.


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5 comments to Lock down seems to be working – a month less a day to go.

  • Stephen Warner

    Maggie … really? They do work. Many other countries have proven this. You are delusional if you think we are heading for civil war. .

  • Helen Donohoe

    On my street, a fairly long one, in ward 2, there have been very, very few visiting vehicles in the days just before and after Christmas. That’s a good sign.

    I walk the beach daily. Great exercise and plenty of room for everyone. Today I estimate about 70 people in total were there. That’s all. On my return from the beach in the days up to Dec 25, I was astounded at how full the parking at Mapleview was. I thought everyone was shopping online and that malls were in their death throes. Not so it seems. Mixed signs.

  • Maggie Anne Steiss

    Lockdowns do not work. They do more harm than good. This has been stated by thousands of doctors worldwide. It is unfortunate that our ignorant government officials will not listen. Perhaps they will get the message if we are plunged into civil war which is where we are headed.

    • Howard

      I will see your thousands of doctors worldwide and raise you millions of doctors that suggest the contrary.
      vague conjecture nil : science 1.

  • Carol Gottlob

    For the most part very true, although 3 feet is the new 6 feet, from my observations (not a councillor). Saw a family of cousins, aunts and uncles greeting on the street, maskless, hugging and exclaiming, “So nice to see you again”, while the cousins piled into a van… The truth will be in the number of cases by about January 9th. Let’s hope for the best.