Lowville Park and the attraction of Bronte Creek that runs through it was a weekend destination for many

graphic community 2By Pepper Parr

April 26th, 2021



It was a burst of decent weather and it drew small crowds to Lowville Park where there was parking space throughout the day.

Once the renovations and upgrades to the park are completed there will be a reservation policy in place – people will have to go on line to get a permit to enter the park. A lot of people are going to be both surprised and upset.

But on Saturday it was wide open to everyone.

kids with nets

These guys were out to catch fish or maybe pollywogs.

Men with fishing rods

These guys were out for fish – no pollywogs for them.

Family with baby

Many were out for the open air and a chance to walk about without a mask – a family of five – kept them within the rules.

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