Maintenance work on hydro towers - short term

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November 4th, 2020



Hydro One will be conducting a maintenance project at Beachway Park and Hamilton Beach this fall.

Hydro towers - Burlington

Ongoing maintenance will put hydro works atop the towers along the Beachway.

The proposed project involves the replacement of glass/ceramic insulators on the tower arms which insulates the electricity from reaching the tower itself. This is considered to be standard maintenance with the following equipment necessary: pickup trucks, utility terrain vehicles, Bronto Skylift, crane and bucket truck.


Great view for the people doing this work.

Construction is scheduled to begin in early November with all works completed by mid-December 2020. All towers must be cleared to a 15m radius during this work for the setup of equipment and safety. Hydro One staff will block the areas required prior to the start of work to ensure no public access within the work zone.

For more information regarding the specifics of the project, please contact Mr. James Dalton –

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