Major redevelopment proposal for the east end of the city submitted to Planning department.

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June 6th, 2018



A development proposal has been submitted to the Planning department for a massive development in the east end of the city in ward 5


The proposed development is to be done in five phases. Expected to go before city council early in 2019.

Planned as a five phase development that will turn a dreary plaza into a major development, the proposal will have a range of building forms and heights ranging from 1, 4, 6, 10, 11 and 18 storeys.

Area impacted

Location and size of the proposed development.

The plan is for 900 residential units and 11,955 metres of retail space and 2.700 square metres of office space.

The majority of the parking will be underground

The site has quite a history – different development ideas have been proposed – but nothing was ever filed with the Planning department.

Now there is a proposal that the planners will evaluate and prepare a report for city council.

More on the background at a later date.

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7 comments to Major redevelopment proposal for the east end of the city submitted to Planning department.

  • Bryan McKee

    I would rather see an expansion of Skyway recreation centre to accommodate kids attending St.Patricks and Mohawk Gardens. Skateboard park, outdoor pool etc. There is already a great deal of residential housing under construction in the city and this development would create more gridlock for Lakeshore, Spruce, New and Burloak which are already very congested.

  • Karen

    with the “proposed” increase in development… I have yet to see one plan for an increase in fire/paramedic/police services. Will additional services and stations not be required? Will funding for these increased services not be required? Our current city infrastructure cannot support our needs. Our roads are the worse in Halton region. There are no contingencies in place when QEW or Skyway closes. How does one expect emergency services get to an emergency in a timely manner? Our mayor, city planner and councilors need to listen to the people of Burlington and ascertain the true needs of our city.

  • Elaine and Jack O'Brien

    Redevelopment and change is needed.
    BUT It looks like over intensification is becoming the norm all over the city – not just in the core. Welcome to future traffic chaos.
    Is the current city council paying attention ? Maybe the new council will address the issue

  • Roger

    Did anybody notice – the building behind the development – appears Skyway area is gone or moved

  • Stephen White

    No one disputes the need for redevelopment of this plaza. In the 1960’s and 1970’s this mall was thriving and hugely popular, but over the years it has gone into severe decline. Area residents and retailers all acknowledge the need for redevelopment and upgrades. What is less clear is the form that will take.

    On the surface the plans appear excessive and totally out-of-keeping with both the character of the surrounding neighbourhood and ratepayers’ expectations as expressed during a previous consultation forum two years ago. Given the substantial turnout at the previous public forum (over 400 people), as well as the turnout at the OMB Hearing May 1st on the proposed Appleby Mall redevelopment (i.e. over 100), the city planning department and the developer are in for a rough ride and real fight.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out just before the municipal election. Ward 5 has a reputation of being very politically active with generally high turnout. Residents I have spoken to aren’t happy with either the OP or downtown redevelopment, and many are in a very sullen mood.

  • Ken

    I’m a Ward 6 guy so I didn’t come across this until the Save Bateman crowd posted on FB. I’m against school closures and frustratingly I still found myself arguing with these people? What is noteworthy in the case of Skyway Plaza (that’s what I called it as a kid) is that there are numerous strip plazas ripe for redevelopment. If we consider the Millcroft/RioCan Centre this substantial larger piece of land is good for 3200 units plus retail given the same density that’s proposed by this developer. —don’t think it will happen??? Think again.

  • Steve D

    Wow, jamming an estimated 2700 more people into the Skyway plaza space. The roads are already becoming gridlock for hours at a time. But, I guess that…is….the plan, after all, eh?