Marina may not be able to open this season - insurance issues

By Staff

May 5th, 2022



This is not a good news story.

After using more than $4 million of Hydro reserve funds to complete the installation of the floating wave break.

The Marina operation has learned that they cannot get the insurance they need to open their operations.

The options are not all that good.

The option the LaSalle Park Marina Association hopes is chosen through the Environmental Assessment due March 2013.

Community Marina.
Both LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) and Burlington Sailing and Boating Club (BS&BC) have advised their members that LPMA is unable to get insurance for the upcoming boating season and that the opening of the Marina will be delayed as they look for options.

These boats may not be able to use the marina as there base this season.

Since the boat storage area takes up the parking spaces reserved for boat trailers, the public boat launch will remain closed for trailered boats until this situation is resolved.

Canoes, kayaks, and other smaller portable items can still be launched.

Staff are assessing a short-term option to open the Marina this summer which will allow staff and other stakeholders time to develop a long-term sustainable operating model for the Marina in the future.

Short-term options are high level and general in nature as staff are in the process of refining them. Staff will provide members of Council with a verbal update at the Committee meeting on May 5, 2022.

Options Considered

1. LPMA Operates the Marina:

If LPMA’s broker can secure insurance, the Marina will operate as usual. To date, the broker has not been able to secure coverage for the operation of the Marina.

2. BS&BC Operates the Marina:
Staff approached BS&BC about this option. BS&BC’s current insurance provider did not offer extended coverage for the operation of the Marina.

3. Other Marina Operators:
Staff reached out to the Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority and Town of Oakville to see if they would consider taking over the operation of the Marina as part of their current marina operation. Staff have not heard back at this time.

Boats may not be hoisted into the water and be able to operate out of the Burlington marina. They will have to look for another place to dock their boats,

4. City Operated:
Staff had initial discussions about taking over the operation of the Marina for this year and spoke to both LPMA and BS&BC to get an understanding of the operation. The City’s insurer has confirmed that insurance for the Marina can be included in our coverage.

5. Marina Closed for Season:
If LPMA is unable to secure insurance or another viable option cannot be found, the Marina will not open this season.

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6 comments to Marina may not be able to open this season – insurance issues

  • Elan

    Thank you, MMW for capitulating to this boondoggle which was originally to provide value to the majority of boaters who are not Burlington residents, and now provides zero value to anyone. But I understand, it is a photo-op for those not paying attention. All sizzle…no steak.

  • Glenda Dodd

    Burlington should have never invested the 4 mil of hydro reserve funds for the floating docks in the first place….

    • Jim Thomson

      Please send email to the Mayor or delegate at council on the 17th.
      So far there are 23 correspondence in support and only one delegation against.

  • Penny Hersh

    The 4 million taxpayer dollars spent on the Marina should never have happened. Taking money out of a reserve fund for this project was folly and now they are coming hat in hand for more taxpayer assistance.

    Enough is enough. If the Marina cannot support itself then it should not be up to all the taxpayers of Burlington to pay for the few who use it.

    • Jim Thomson

      Make your views known to Council.
      Apparently there are 23 correspondence in favour and only 1 delegation against.
      This counts as community engagement as far as the Mayor is concerned.

  • Sad especially after investing $4 million of our reserves.