Martha Street, south of James location for an 11 storey tower

By Staff

August 18th, 2021



The thickening of the downtown population continues.

An 11 story structure that will be made up of 130 units with 157 parking spaces and 88 bike racks.

Four levels of underground parking with access of Martha

Location is 407 Martha – well south of where James and New Streets converge.

Mattamy has plans for a large tower just to the north of this proposed development.  The Mattamy development is before the Ontario Land Tribunal.

A required Statutory Public meeting is to take place on September 14th at 6:30 pm.

A Staff report will be available the week of the hearing. Staff are reported to be asking for more time to complete the review of the application.

There are creek issues in the immediate area.

There is also a development application for a tower of about the same height on the opposite side of Martha Street.

Some of the early homes were built along Martha.

The character and location of those homes attracted a number of local artists.

The applications propose the redevelopment of the site into an 11-storey residential building consisting of 130 units, resulting in a density of 407 units per hectare. The development proposes a total of 167 vehicle parking spaces within four levels of underground parking and 88 bicycle parking spaces, and vehicular access to the site is proposed to be from Martha Street. The application proposes indoor and outdoor common amenity area at the ground level and through terracing of the building.

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7 comments to Martha Street, south of James location for an 11 storey tower

  • Joe Gaetan

    The shadows from this building during the winter months will cast a shadow on James St. making James St icier than normal. How do I know, I did the shadow studies.

  • Adam

    Burlington has hardly any traffic. Sometimes I have to wait for 2 lights, thats as bad as it gets. Go anywhere east of Burlington and you will see real traffic issues. I agree with David that the real problem is not condos downtown, it’s access to the QEW and 407. Downtown is used a detour to get on those major highways. The City should absolutely look at fixing that issue. Not all problems are from development.

  • David Barker

    Are you sure 407 Martha St is south of Pine St? Google Maps has it to the north of Pine St. South of Pine on the east side (odd numbers) is #395 which is an apartment building located next to the assisted living centre, itself located on the other side of Martha to the Adi.

    Editor’s note> Our devoted reader is quite correct – late night publishing leaves us confused at times. Our thanks for catching the correction. Some interesting facts and background around this part of the city – it was part of the original Joseph Brant tract of land.

  • Gerald

    How many more vehicles can the streets of Burlington take? The city is congested with cars nose to tail as it is. Traffic coming into and going from the city is extremely heavy at all times during the day and getting around is getting intolerable. Not to mention the pollution from all these additional vehicles. When does it stop?

    • David Barker

      A possible solution or at least a partial solution, previously offered by myself and others (including 2 councilors), is to force transitory through traffic off Lakeshore Road and New Street onto the QEW where it belongs and where it is the Province’s problem.

      This can be achieved by use of electronic technology (similar to the 407). The technology could either be incorporated into a gate system or to impose tolls on non-resident through traffic.
      To all you naysayers who poo po tge idea saying things like “what about first responder access?”, please open your minds to something different, or at least come up with an alternative solution. Don’t just throw out road blocks (pun). As Gerald rightly says, Traffic is only going to get worse.

      Remember the saying “necessity is the mother of invention”. A solution is there, we just need to be inventive.

      • Bob

        Previous Toronto councils have looked into the idea of tolling the Gardiner Expressway and it was always met with a NO from the provincial government as well as opposition as it puts a gateway around the city. Only Burlington people are good enough to drive in our city, only people from downtown should use Spencer Smith Park and ride their bikes, heaven help the people from North Burlington would use it. (sarcasm intended)
        I agree traffic will get worse, but shortly, in a few years the electric car will be the norm, and self driving cars as well. Probably not as soon as the electrification, but still will be the future.
        When that happens, cars will be able to drive bumper to bumper as the Lidar and Radar etc in vehicles will keep the pace as well as keep to the posted speeds. There you go David, outside the box and an alternative solution.

        • David Barker

          Bob, thank you for your comment, which as always is much appreciated (said with sarcasm LOL).

          I have no idea where you got the idea that I was suggesting limiting access to the downtown area to only downtown residents. Perhaps to be clearer rather than using the word “transitory” I could have used “transient” or “through traffic”. The aim, the only aim, is to remove the commuter traffic that uses Lakeshore Rd, New St, and Fairview St as alternatives to the QEW in their commute to a non-Burlington destination.

          I agree with you EVs will sooner rather than later take over from gas vehicles, and will become autonomous. But whether an EV or a gas car, autonomous or not, a vehicle is a vehicle is a vehicle, taking up space on a road. Sitting in a traffic jam of EVs is no better than sitting in a traffic jam of gas cars.

          Not sure how much thinking was done let alone out of the box thinking.