Mayor doesn't mince her words - 'Walk and don't stop'

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March 27th, 2020



mehaphoneWalk – don’t stop was Mayor Meed Ward’s message. She has threatened to get out her megaphone to tell people to walk by all means but don’t congregate with people who are not part of your immediate family that you live with.

The COVID-19 virus is being passed from person to person – that has to stop.

Here is her message:




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4 comments to Mayor doesn’t mince her words – ‘Walk and don’t stop’

  • Carol Gottlob

    I live on a court and have observed a home with a single resident welcome a) a girlfriend (not living at said residence), b) an adult son (not living at said residence) and c) a cleaning lady (also, not living at said residence). Likewise, I have noted a young couple with an 18 month old welcome one set of grandparents for playtime and a meal, and the next day another set of grandparents for playtime and a visit. People are only willing to self isolate and socially distance themselves if it is of no inconvenience to them. This will inevitably force us into lockdown.

  • Bonnie Beaudry

    I live in a condo building on the 16th floor in Brant Hills. From my balcony, I have a view of Brant Hills Community Centre, and a couple of shopping plazas. Yesterday, it was a beautiful day, and while sitting outside enjoying the sun, down on the street it was business as usual.
    While the community centre is closed, lots of kids were using the skate board facility, with their families nearby visiting with each other, groups of kids were riding bikes, many people out shopping, although attempting to walk around each other.
    My husband and I are isolating ourselves, and will be for a long time to come. We can’t go out among these people because we are seniors, and we live in a building some elderly, vulnerable adults. We cannot take the chance we will bring this disease inside, it would be catastrophic. As long as people are coming back from traveling, and moving around with little consideration for others, we must stay put.
    I applaud the Mayor for doing her best in an impossible situation. Let’s help her help us. Stay home.

  • Craig Gardner

    BRAVO! Wish we all had megaphones still too many out there that don’t get it.

    • Phillip Wooster

      In the past week, I have driven around South Burlington and been at a park in Niagara. I have seen families, couples, and individuals out walking, often with their dogs. I have seen NO-ONE stopping to talk to anyone who is not part of their immediate family. Perhaps MMW can enlighten us as to where she has seen all these people stopping to talk and socialize. I haven’t seen it but again this is only anecdotal.