Mayor is stretching her postage budget - more letter writing

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 30th, 2020


The original headline for this story has been replaced.

She did it again.

Wrote another letter.

To the Premier this time – and the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

The recent announcement by the provincial government in Bill 218, Supporting Ontario’s Recovery and Municipal Elections Act, to revoke the power for Ontario municipalities to conduct ranked ballot votes for municipal elections has come as a surprise.

Mayor Meed Ward and Premier - Dec 2018

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward chatting up Premier Doug Ford at an event in the lobby of the Joseph Brant Hospital.

This change eliminates local choice in elections and was inserted into the legislation with no consultation with municipalities, even though several have begun the process of consulting the public, have held referenda receiving majority support, or, in the case of London, Ont., have adopted the system.

Burlington City Council passed a motion Sept. 28, 2020 directing staff to begin public consultation on the use of ranked ballots in future municipal elections in our city. Council was looking forward to hearing directly from residents whether or not they want to retain the current first–past–the–post system, or adopt ranked ballots. Their voice, and choice, are eliminated with this proposed bill.

In addition, a motion from Burlington City Councillors Shawna Stolte and Rory Nisan is being presented at a special meeting of Burlington City Council on Monday, Nov. 2 asking your government to retain the option for local choice.
Regardless of one’s views on ranked ballots, the issue is local choice. Municipalities are an independent and responsible order of government, and the one closest to the people. Our residents should choose for themselves which system they prefer.

The provincial government is respectfully requested:

* to amend Bill 218 to retain local choice on electoral systems; and

* to meaningfully consult with municipalities on municipal issues before introducing legislative changes of this magnitude.


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1 comment to Mayor is stretching her postage budget – more letter writing

  • Joan Gallagher-Bell

    Mayor this brings me truly disappointment when I have previously (before Mayorship) believed you be transparent in politics. True openness for all Canadians. I may have missed the meeting that dissolved my Canadian Rights. Please (I am trying to be polite) do not decide for me a vote would be appropriate. The demographics of Burlington has many mature adults that are hail and hearty to make decisions. I am embarassed. Why do you think adults avoid consultations with government……..first trust………second what is the good of it. During voting times you travel to various homes and communities asking for questions and discussion to concerns.
    Very disappointed former voter for Marianne Meed Ward for Mayor.
    God Bless Burlington.