Mayor shows it can be done - people can meet in a live, real people in the room situation - she just doesn't want to do it for you

By Pepper Parr

October 15th, 2021



There they were.  Three Mayors: ours, the Mayor from Barrie and the Mayor from Mississauga.

Talking to the media and voicing their complaints.

No masks, sitting at what looked like a safe Covid19 social distance, not much different than the way they would sit in a non-pandemic environment.

The complaints about the province were the same – the only thing different was that we currently have a Premier who now knows he can do whatever he wants – and has a court decision to back him up.

Cutting the size of a city council down to about half of what it was “during” an election lets you know that Doug Ford isn’t going to listen all that closely to complaints from municipal politicians.

Mayor Meed Ward had a venue to die for; the set up at the Pearle Hotel and Spa was something to experience.  Being the politician she is Meed Ward would make the best of it all.

What most people don’t understand is – why can the Mayor hold an event and talk to the media the way she would in normal times but people in Burlington cannot delegate to their council in a similar live setting.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward – doesn’t appear to be prepared to meet her constituents in conditions that allow for real engagement.

Basically because she can.  She has said on any number of occasions that holding council meetings in a virtual setting works for her and it appears to work for a majority of city council.

It is less than a pleasant experience for those delegating virtually, fumbling their way through the technology that works – sort of.

The human interaction is missing.  The buzz that exists in a room when people can talk to each other and exchange opinions; support each other as they ask questions.

Gary Scobie with his eyes focused on members of Council as he delegates to the elected. Democracy right in front of your eyes

Jim Young reminding council that the power they have was given to them by the people who elected them.

Much is lost when people like Gary Scobie, Jim Young or Tom Muir arrive at the podium putting fact after fact on the table.  This city misses the likes of Vanessa xxx standing at the podium and setting the record straight.

It is time for Burlington’s city council to put at least put a toe in the water and begin to loosen its pandemic bonds.

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3 comments to Mayor shows it can be done – people can meet in a live, real people in the room situation – she just doesn’t want to do it for you

  • Mary Hill

    Well as soon as the Province officially ends the “emergency”, which will maybe be in a couple or so weeks, the City will have to end its “emergency”. Then there will be real pressure and no reason not to return to in person Council and other meetings.

  • Mike Ettlewood

    Does Vanessa”s husband know that she’s into XXX?

    Editor’s note: Ooops. Our apologies. I’d forgotten your last name and put XXX in to remind to go back and put in the name – once I’d remembered it. My proof reader is away. Again apologies.

  • Penny Hersh

    Many residents who were active in challenging some of the policies of the city have stepped away.

    It is not because of the virtual meetings, but as a result of the reality that little can be done on some issues, especially when it comes to development in the city,. Campaign promises made by some of the candidates who were running in the last Municipal Election, proved to be very misleading.

    Reality is very sobering.

    As the saying goes ” Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.