Mayor works with police on a personal security plan

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December 18th, 2020



Mayor said ” she has been in close contact with police and has a security plan.”

A little over-reaction perhaps?

The Gazette published an article yesterday about a group that announced it plans to do a citizen’s arrest as their way of protesting over the wearing of facial masks.

The group, Stand4THEE, created a web site, a Face Book page and an Instagram page.  Any nutcases can do the same thing.

The group did say in a note to the Gazette that a citizen arrest does not necessarily mean taking a person into custody. Their comment read: “It also should be noted that in order to exercise a citizen’s arrest, as per Bill C-26, the person being arrested does not need to be present.”

They might want to let the police know that.

Misguided? Most certainly. Perhaps we should have ignored them.

Was this important enough to call in the police? Does the Mayor think she is really at personal risk? Will we see a police officer in full SWAT level gear walking beside the Mayor for the next few days?

Meed Ward hands out frnt city hall

Mayor Meed Ward can usually be found at City Hall.

The mayor of Burlington says “she, and police, are taking precautions prior to a protest planned for Friday”, in which members of an anti-mask group claim they are attempting to place her under citizen’s arrest.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said she has been in close contact with police and has a security plan.

The CBC reports that the Mayor said: “I’ve taken appropriate measures to make sure that my safety is protected.”

She said police have told her there is “no reasonable grounds” for what the group is trying to do.

She said she supports people’s right to protest, and believes the group members will not attempt to use physical force based on their social media statements.

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5 comments to Mayor works with police on a personal security plan

  • Denise W.

    Why do I think that this is an attempt to start a Trump-like political party in Ontario. We do have the public sentiment and frustration that is easily manipulated. But happily it will fail because they have only managed to tick 1 of 4 boxes necessary to meet such an end.

  • Hans Jacobs

    Involving the police is the rational and prudent response to this threat.

  • David Barker

    Mabe she should have waited to contact the police until after the group “arrested her and bundled her into a windowless van”. On the one hand she and council get second guessed by the Gazette for not taking action on a subject; and on the other hand for taking action.

    I think it would be fair to say the Gazettewould be at the front of the line with criticism no matter what she did.

  • Carol Victor

    Hardly an over reaction….people are capable of anything as we have learned over these last few months. …it is a wonder that anyone runs for public office.u

  • Nutbars even in Burlington or are they like the pig people imports from Toronto and Hamilton?