Meed Ward handily takes the office of Mayor from Rick Goldring; there might be just the one holder-over from the current council.

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October 23rd, 2018



While not official Official – the following are the results of the 2018 municipal election.

Meed WArd at PARC

Mayor-elect Marianne Meed Ward

Marianne MEED WARD, 23360 votes 46.04%
Rick GOLDRING, 16781 votes, 33.08%
Mike WALLACE, 9609 votes, 18.94%
Greg WOODRUFF, 983 votes, 1.94%

Marianne Meed Ward will be the new Mayor to be sworn in on December 3rd at the Performing Arts Centre.

It looks as if two of the incumbents, Jack Dennison and Blair Lancaster have lost – the ward 6 vote is very very close – might need a recount.

What kind of a Council will Meed Ward have to work with?

It will be Kevin Galbraith in ward 1, Lisa Kearns in ward 2, Rory Nissan in ward 3, Shawna Stolte in ward 4, Paul Sharman in ward 5 and Angelo Bentivegna in ward 6.

In an exclusive interview with the Gazette Meed Ward stressed how critical it was for the next city council to collaborate and work as a team.

With the only hold-over from the old council being Paul Sharman, she should be able to put together a Council that will work well together. Sharman will not have anything in the way of support. We can expect to see some of those 6-1 votes with Sharman on the short end of the stick; a position he was quite willing to assign to Meed Ward.

It will take at least a year for the new members of council to find their footing. In that year they are going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting.

The numbers on a ward by ward basis are as follows:

Kelvin Galbraith headshot_Super_Portrait

Kevin Galbraith

Ward 1
Jason BOELHOUWER, 679 votes, 7.71%
Vince FIORITO, 574 votes, 6.52%
Kelvin GALBRAITH, 1880 votes. 21.36%
Arlene IANTOMASI, 1142 votes, 12.97%
Andrew Paul JORDAN, 199 votes, 2.26%
“Kevin LEE. 838 votes. 9.52%
Garry MILNE, 164 votes, 1.86%
Tayler MORIN, 86 votes, 0.98%
René PAPIN, 556 votes, 6.32%
Marty STAZ, 1242 votes, 14.11%
Judy WORSLEY, 1443 votes, 16.39%

The Craven machine just couldn’t pull it off. The Chair of the Aldershot BIA, Kevin Galbraith defeated the Executive Director Judy Worsley who had the Craven ability to win behind her.

Lisa Kearns Election Photo

Lisa Kearns

Ward 2
Kimberly CALDERBANK, 1711 votes, 21.30%
Michael JONES, 781 votes, 9.72%
Lisa KEARNS, 3195 votes, 39.77%
Gerard SHKUDA, 73 votes, 0.91%
Roland TANNER, 2058 votes, 25.62%
Walter WIEBE, 216 votes, 2.69%

Lisa Kearns earned the win. She was up against a sterling candidate. Her performance as an ECoB delegator may well have won the seat for her.

Rory Nisan

Rory Nisan

Ward 3
Lisa COOPER, 764 votes, 11.91%
Darcy HUTZEL, 542 votes, 8.45%
Rory NISAN, 3467 votes, 54.05%
Peter RUSIN, 191 votes, 2.98%
Gareth WILLIAMS, 1451 votes, 22.62%

The surprise here was how soundly Rory Nisan
defeated Gareth Williams; the other surprise was
that Peter Rusin actually got the votes he did get.

Image 3

Shawna Stolte

Ward 4
Jack DENNISON, 4624 votes, 44.24%
Shawna STOLTE, 5828 votes, 55.76%

The only ward with a straight one-on-one race, the Roseland community finally got what they have been longing for. It will be interesting to see how Shawna Stolte grows into the job.



Paul Sharman

Ward 5
Wendy MORAGHAN, 2336 votes, 27.96%
Daniel ROUKEMA, 1319 votes, 15.79%
Paul SHARMAN, 2840 votes, 33.99%
Mary Alice ST. JAMES, 1471 votes, 17.61%
Xin Yi ZHANG, 389 votes, 4.66%

The high number of candidates let Sharman hold
on to the seat – 33.9% of the vote went his way.

Were the city using ranked balloting,
harman would probably not have won.

Ward 6
Angelo BENTIVEGNA, 2747 votes, 35.73%
Blair LANCASTER, 2708 votes, 35.22%


Angelo Bentivegna

Kinsey SCHURM, 954 votes, 12.41%
Ken WHITE, 1279 votes, 16.64%

What do we know? With just 39 votes between Lancaster and Bentivegna there will probably be a re-count – so don’t count Lancaster out yet. Would ranked balloting have given the seat to Lancaster?

The voter turn out was much lower than many expect; the prediction was that the turnout would be above 50% – it was a disapointing 39.7? of the eligible voters.

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16 comments to Meed Ward handily takes the office of Mayor from Rick Goldring; there might be just the one holder-over from the current council.

  • Susie

    Congratulations Burlington Mayor and New Councillors, you did it!! Now to strategize firmly! Bonuses, benefits, etc. for size and heights by the developers should be “OUT”, we don’t want them!!!! Our density targets are met, and should a mandate be presented to the Provincial Government to have the OP location changed, then so be it! Needs a “sooner than later” move on this! Once all new Councillors are sworn in, the overwhelming number of proposals from the Planning Department will be rampant and all timed to move forward about Christmas time when everyone is extremely busy. Just a warning to be vigilant and aware of these sneaky tactics coming your way.

    • Tom Muir

      Agreed – time for a breather, but not for a rest.

      Newbies have a very steep learning curve. Staff will give briefings on how things work, but how the planning ship can be turned and changed is in need of its own briefing book.

      We all need to stay the course and take nothing for granted.

      I am not sure about a couple of them as being representative of residents, and not their own self-interest. We didn’t elect another set of dictators to do what they want.

      And I’m concerned about how some seem to incorrectly think about how planning works and what can be done.

      There are folks here who can work on this plan and strategy over the next month so we can educate the new Councilors on this.

      ECoB seems to be taking a lead. I’m in. There are others I know.

  • Thomas Riddell

    THis change was needed Mayor Goldring Never listen to the public

  • Ray Rivers

    Congratulations Burlington on using your broom to sweep most of the old trash away. And I’d echo the comments of the engaged citizens committee – you need to stay vigilant and get and stay involved because you can’t trust your politicians with a four year term to always be there for you. Thanks to ECoB and the kind of media coverage and opportunity for the healthy exchange of ideas that you have been getting with the Gazette. It is your city after all, not the handful of elected politicians who eventually will suffer from the disease of entitlement.

  • Nick L.

    I agree with Philip and Susan and Orchard Resident. It is a sad day for Ward 5.
    Mary Alice did have it right at the Orchard debate when she said it was a split vote situation. Thanks to her- we here in Ward 5 will have to deal with the incumbent for another 4 years. Fortunately for her, she won’t have to.
    I hope Wendy Moraghan continues with her work and is able to implement her amazing ideas on some level.
    For Ward 5, I hope she will consider running again in 4 years.

    • C. David Minshall

      Enough with your poisonous rhetoric Nick. You don’t even know MaryAlice enough to pass judgement. Your negative attitude is reflective of the divisiveness and bullying ways of people on social media. You should be ashamed of yourself. MaryAlice had her name in the ring long before ms. Moraghan did, and both ran well run campaigns. An address is not reflective of a person’s commitment to a ward. Perhaps you aren’t aware that neither Rick Goldring nor Mick Wallace were was residents of Ward 5 when they represented it. Move on.

      • Louise F.

        “Poisonous rhetoric”??? Really C. David Minshall??? Wasn’t it you that said Wendy Moraghan had “no clue of City matters” and was “unknowledgable”. Oh and let’s not forget you said she hired a consultant. Shall I go on? Obviously voters didn’t agree with you. Perhaps it’s you that needs to “move on”. And please let your candidate know that as of yesterday, her signs were still all over the Pinedale neighborhood, I guess she missed a few.

  • Hans

    I’m wondering… how can the online votes be “recounted”?

  • Phillip Wooster

    I was personally gratified that Dennison was not reelected. Far too often, Smilin’ Jack pursued his own interests while ignoring his constituents. Unlike in 2014 when the Great Flood saved him, this election he carried far too much baggage to win. I could sense that given the large turnout that change was in the air–even Sharman’s election was more about vote splitting than any mandate from the residents of east Burlington. A new day is dawning in Burlington but it is going to take patience and hard work.. Marianne and the new council will have their hands full changing the culture that currently exists in the bureaucracy at City Hall.

  • Susan L.

    For the first time in 20 years, I have hope for Burlington’s future.

  • Penny

    Citizen Engagement was part of all the candidates platform. For ECoB our work has just begun. Let’s not become like the Shape Burlington Report – something that ends up collecting dust and going nowhere.

    ECoB will be restructuring and moving forward. If you are interested in becoming an active member please email us at

  • Orchard Resident

    A huge step in the right direction for Burlington, congrats to MMW and the other newly elected Councillors! That being said, it is a sad sad day for Ward 5 🙁 The social media arguments Sharman has been involved in with residents is a fine example of how he treats constituents that don’t agree with him, not looking forward to another 4 years of that.

    • Carie

      There is much we as Burlingtonians we can do to keep him accountable and I suggest we all stay engaged and hold his feet to the fire. Best to know what he has lied about (such as the New Street bike lanes) and challenge him on his false claims.

  • Don Fletcher

    Many of us were hoping for a transformative change of Council, and that’s happily what we got. As you say, now the heavy lifting begins, starting with an Official Plan with reduced heights and a change to the growth/ mobility hub designation for Downtown. I have always understood that the product of a negotiation is itself negotiable, and hold out hope that the three developers in various stages of approval of 18/ 23/24 behemoths downtown can be “convinced” to reduce their heights. James Ridge would be ideal to task with this assignment, don’t you think? .

  • Allen Jones

    So .. lets see: Goldring OUT. Mikie OUT. (as if … and by the way ,Thanks Mike for splitting the vote), Dennison OUT. Lancaster OUT( we hope), Nissan IN, Kearns IN, Galbraith IN, … almost a clean sweep.

    Perhaps Sharman will quit once he doesn’t get his arrogant way ( we can only hope! )

    Life is now good. And it will get better. BRAVO Marianne! ….. Go get ’em

  • Steve D

    Seems the people of burlington didn’t like the tail wagging the dog. Road calming, and overcrowding the city (Orwell’s intensification) wasn’t as popular as they thought it was.