Mike Quackenbush is out of the ward 3 municipal race - is Taylor still in?

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March 18th, 2018



Mike Quackenbush advised the Gazette earlier today that he has “made the decision not to run in this year’s municipal election.”

Quackenbush Mike

Mike Quackenbush decides the time isn’t right for him in municipal politics.

“Instead, I will be using the next four years to clear a couple tasks off of my to-do list, while remaining involved and working towards our collective ambition – a better city.

“At 27 years old, I know already that public service is in my future. I need to make sure that the various organizations which I hold a leadership role with are continued to be setup for long-term success, before I refocus my energy on the city as a whole.

“You can believe that my name will be on the ballot in 2022.”

Probably a wise move on Mike Quackenbush’s part. There are two admirable candidates in the race plus the incumbent. There is also two candidates who ran in 2014 and appeared to express some interest in the 2018 election. Lisa Cooper has a bit of a profile in the ward having run on at least four past elections.



He has been a consistent advocate for the rural part of the city. Has been treated quite shabbily at times by his council colleagues.

Taylor in full campaign mode greeting a voter.

Taylor in full campaign mode during an election many years ago greeting a voter.

John Taylor, the incumbent is understood to have met with a number of those who intend to challenge the seat he has held for close to 25 years.

Based on what the Gazette is picking up as it makes the rounds of events, Taylor is at risk. Even some of his Lowville loyalists think he might want to consider getting out of politics at the top of his game – a defeat at this point in a career during which he has served the people if his ward very well would be hard to swallow.survey01

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1 comment to Mike Quackenbush is out of the ward 3 municipal race – is Taylor still in?

  • Susie

    25 years in politics for Mr. Taylor is an accomplishment and he has to realize and come to terms with himself that it is time to pass the torch and have new blood enter the Council Chambers for the betterment of of his riding and all Burlingtonians.