Mike Swartz to receive the “National Volunteer of the Year” Award for his service to the Canadian Diabetes Association

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 2, 2015


Editor’s note: Invitational seating is limited and has already reached capacity…sorry, no more guests!

During the city Council meeting earlier this week, ward 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster chaired as Deputy Mayor while the real Mayor was in Chine – we still don’t know why – a list of names of organizations was read out announcing that it was whatever the name of the organization month.

The media tend to take these announcements with a bit of a yawn – every organization seems to have its day at some point during the year.

It is only when we pause and say “I know that person” that some attention gets paid.

Mike SwartzMichael Swartz is being recognized by the Canadian Diabetes Association as its “National Volunteer of the Year. I know that man.

This isn’t the time or place to explain the circumstances under which media came to know Mike Swartz and his wife Janice Connell rather it is an opportunity to learn more about what he has done in the community.

Mike is for the most part a quiet person – he has done well materially in life and has served as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and with the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) in a variety of roles over the past twelve years.

The reception to honour and recognize him will take place at the Art Gallery of Burlington in the Fireside Room at 10:30 am on Saturday.

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